Send Me Your Photos

From time to time I like to post photos that you’ve taken and post them here. What you need to know:

1. The photos must be taken by the person submitting them

2. It is encouraged, but not mandatory, that the photos have one aspect of Earth Ocean or Sky.

3. Send no more than FOUR photos in any given week or in any given email.

4. I will be the final judge as to what photos I choose to use that week. I may use all. I may use two. But I will always use at least one.

5. RENAME your photos before sending them to me.
Example: your camera may save the photo as IMG_0711. If you send it to me that way, I can assure you, with over 10,000 photos on my computer, I already HAVE an IMG_0711 and my computer will ask me if I want to replace the old with the new. I do not. Hence: send your photos like this: Skysound.jpg, or backyard.jpg, or CTsunset.jpg.

6. DO NOT resize photos before sending. My email can handle four large photos. Leave the resizing to me.

7. Include a description of each photo. YOU may know the difference between a daffodil and a rose, but I may not! Also, readers LOVE color commentary so please add as much copy as you feel appropriate for each photo. We not only want to know what you saw but where you saw it.

8. Let me know how you want to be attributed. Anonymous is fine, or your name, or your comment moniker.

9. The photos should be current, best if taken the week of any posting. Of course, there are exceptions, and I will consider that, but as a general rule, I prefer something you just took to something you took five years ago.

10. Click here to send your photos!

2 thoughts on “Send Me Your Photos

  1. HI there= I’d love to get permission to use one of your Blizzard of ’78 photos from Martha’s Vineyard for a story we are doing in the martha’s Vineyard Times. Happy to link to your site and pay you.

    1. Sure. No problem. My blog is public so anyone can see and access/use my photos for free. No payment necessary but thanks for offering. Yes, please do credit me ….as blogger EarthOceanSky Redux from Bedford NY, formerly of MVY!
      Thanks. Send me link when up.

      You can email me directly at eosfriday at optonline dot net.

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