My Lifelong Dream…..

As many of you know, I’ve spent years going to Barbados with my family, as far back as the early 1960s, through to the late 1990s. Easily 30 plus trips with the family and a couple just the two of us, as recently as a year and a half ago.

I know the island inside out and backwards. I can smell the burning sugar cane in the fields. I know where the good hole in the wall places are to eat. I know which vegetable stand has the best produce and which fishmonger to use. I know which grand Anglican church to attend for Sunday services. I know how to drive on the left side of the road, even at traffic circles. Body in the middle. Body in the middle.

All the years we vacationed in Barbados, we always rented a house in Sandy Lane Estates, across the street from the resort. My father laughed when he looked back on the first house we rented, it was called The Monkey House, really bad, small, poorly constructed and yes, lots of monkeys because the house was pretty much in the trees with no view. Rookie mistake I guess.

From then on Dad upped the game, we rented better and prettier houses, renting one for many consecutive years called DarEsSalaam, a stunning house with high up views and wonderful fine ocean breezes, the best advantage to renting high above the ocean from the sea level resort. We learned that early on. DarEsSalaam has since been torn down. Sigh.

Staff is also a critical aspect to a home rental success, if the owner has secured staff who stays with the house for the long term. DarEsSalaam had the same staff for the ten years we rented it. Cook. Laundress. Housekeeper. Guard. They got to know us. It made returning so easy. They knew our eating habits. They’d get he fresh fish daily and we’d get the produce. Only the guard spent the night. The rest of the staff went home after dinner, most nights we drove them as they lived pretty far away.

In early 2020, we decided we’d rent a house for two and a half months, mid-November, all of December 2020 and all of January 2021. Let the kids come down as they could, invite friends come for a visit too. Before the world closed, we flew down for a quick visit and ended up choosing Point of View to rent, sitting on the road the highest above the ocean, with long gorgeous views of the water, stellar breezes, a killer pool and amazing staff.

Honest injun, Point of View beats almost every other house we rented as a family. I cried when I left because I felt in my heart of hearts, I wanted to own this piece of paradise.


Then COVID. The owners of Point of View are American and as soon as COVID became real, they left the USA for this house and thus, cancelled our rental. Understood. I’d do the same. Who wouldn’t???

But I dream of owning this house. An unattainable proposition because (a) it’s not for sale that I know of and (b) I’m sure it would be upwards of $5-6m.

I know, WPP, I should think of the migrant Haitians and the Afghanis instead of greedily wanting a big home in Barbados. But alas, I’m normally selfish, I do wish for pretty things for myself and my family.

I haven’t ventured out to get my (losing) Powerball ticket for tomorrow’s $532m draw and now that the most recent MM ticket was sold in NY, there’s no way the PB will get a NYer as well, but hey, what’s that dumb phase, You never Know. Gotta be in it to win it. And here’s where my money will go.

Where are you going with a PowerBall win?

6 thoughts on “My Lifelong Dream…..

  1. If I hit Powerball (and that’s going to be tough since I’ve never once bought a lottery ticket), I’d have a place in the Swiss/French Alps or maybe Aspen/Jackson for July/August and Christmas; Santa Barbara/Montecito for the winter/shoulder seasons; and a place in New England or maybe the Hamptons for the balance (but where?). Definitely would need some time in the tropics either pre- or post-holidays, but rather than a house, I’d much prefer to stay at resorts (being a PowerBall winner, money is no object) and try out different spots from year to year. Of course, I’m also doing fabulous international traveling throughout the year. The really depressing thing is, I know people who actually live like this!

  2. Do not feel bad about dreaming! That’s what humans do. Those who pretend to be human/humane want you to feel bad about wanting paradise. They won’t feel bad if they get it, they just want you feeling bad.
    For me, I’m into the mountains, all high tech and bunker-ish surrounded by beauty with a view of the stars. One of my favorite past times will be rolling boulders at anyone trying to reach me.

  3. Ha. I know those people too. Good friends who live everywhere, go everywhere, fly private. Nice folk too. No pretense about their wealth. They just enjoy what they have and they should!!

    Good point about staying at a resort versus owning a house in the tropics. The upkeep and worry of a hurricane. The staff. All money that would pay for lots of nights at a great resort.

  4. I swear you and Mr. EOS are brothers. He’s also very much someone who would like to live in the mountains surrounded by stars with boulders to roll down at anyone trying to reach him. I totally get your dream.

  5. I call it the Unabomber version of get off my lawn. I think it happens to all men when we cross a certain age/wisdom line.

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