Ho Ho Ho

I did some early online Christmas shopping today for the grandkids. Legos in the house.

Actually for these big seasonal creator series projects, I give them as Thanksgiving presents so the kids (and their parents) have all of December to work on it and have it done by Christmas. No one wants to work on a Christmas Lego after Christmas, right?

Anyway I ordered two different sets. The Gingerbread House, and the harder one to find, Santa’s House. There was a limit on Santa’s House so I have to decide how to allocate it knowing only one family will get it while each family will get one of the Gingerbread House. Draw straws?

The hottest set is Santa’s House. That was the one with the limit of two but I could only score one because I just became a Lego VIP member for the sole purpose of getting Santa’s House. Lego holds out some seasonal sets for VIP members and the longer you’ve been a member the more sets you can buy. This newbie only got one but one was better than none. It’s totally cool looking.

Also fun will be putting together the Gingerbread House. There was no limit on this purchase.

I know Lego has gone totally woke and lots of people are not buying their products, but I like Lego kits as much as the kids do so I’m just as excited to see these projects come to life as the kids will be putting them together.

My luck, the Feds will come looking for me for buying these sets because they know I bought the Capitol Building set and Santa is probably now on the domestic terrorist watch list.

Hey, will Santa only be allowed into homes with vaxxed children? Hmmmm.

12 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. I like the gingerbread house far more than Santa’s House. The Gingerbread House pieces and people have personality.

  2. Hmmm, I sense that you are abusing your VIP privilege. If Lego were truly woke, they would cancel the VIP program. And you should probably take one set to Westchester Airport and give it to an immigrant family being resettled from the Southern border.

  3. What a great idea – thank you!
    Domestic Terror Watchlist – no thanks. Santa no doubt will be on the watchlist for white supremacists traveling around terrorizing innocent young folks and their families.

  4. What might have been an impossible, Santa being on a watch list, is scarily not only possible today but probable. 😢

  5. Aren’t you worried that the “gingerbread” people will attack the yellow lego people?

  6. I found the Santa’s Lego house on ebay for you …they are all new and listed from about 150.00-200.00 …this way you wont have to choose which family gets one…

  7. Thanks. Not surprisingly, the eBay price is a lot over the retail of $99. Then there’s shipping. I’m more inclined to leave the one Santa’s House in its box and bring it out another year when we’ve moved back in our house where the kids can work on it.

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