Singularly the dumbest design idea ever!

The apartment has all Whirlpool appliances- washer/dryer, stovetop/oven, microwave, and dishwasher. They all work fine (haven’t used the oven yet and don’t intend to) but it’s the dishwasher that has my panties in a twist.

When I moved in the silverware holder was sitting where you’d expect one to sit, in the lower rack, either front or right. But no matter where I placed the holder in the lower rack, it either fell over (front) or didn’t go in at all (right side).

I looked through the owners manual and saw no photo of where the silverware holder was to go. I felt stupid calling maintenance but I did anyway and much to my surprise, they said the silverware holder goes in the door! What??

You can only put silverware in the holder when the lower rack is pushed in, because this happens! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here’s where my logic says the silverware should go but look closely…..

It doesn’t fit so you must acquit.. at least a full inch gap and do way to attach silverware basket to back of lower rack unless I do so myself with zip ties (which I very well may do).

Dumber than the location of the silverware basket is that tall pieces, like knives, don’t fit without hitting the place where you add detergent.

I used the dishwasher for the first time today and after the cycle, the silverware bin was wet with splashed water drops, ergo the silverware itself was also wet. Doink.

I think I’ll go back to hand washing. After all, Dixie paper plates don’t require washing!

12 thoughts on “Singularly the dumbest design idea ever!

  1. I had a dishwasher like this and hated it. When both the lower rack and cutlery bin were full, the rack would constantly get hung up when sliding it back in. My current Bosch has the cutlery off to the side on the lower rack and it’s a huge improvement. But the real question is – third upper rack for cutlery or no? I’ve heard decidedly mixed reviews.

  2. I’m a hard no for the upper rack for cutlery. When I shopped for new appliances for the kitchen I looked at a million new dishwashers, including the drawer models. I also looked at the ones with the top rack for silver. It requires the silver to be PLACED in a slot or groove. I’m from the “toss it in the basket” camp. Maybe someone else can speak to the upper shelf who has one.

  3. I loved my Miele with the third/upper cutlery rack. Took a second extra to place it, but you rapidly become very adept at doing this, and it frees up so much valuable real estate on the bottom rack that I thought it was a clever tradeoff. I’ve had your Whirlpool setup in summer rentals and it SUCKS. Loathe and despise Whirlpool products in general. You have my sympathies.

  4. That’s good to know about the upper rack. Thanks. How do you think children would do in helping? Is it hard for little hands to place cutlery or is it easier for them because their hands are smaller?

    The good thing about all the Whirlpool appliances is I get to leave them behind in nine months!! Bye bye.

  5. Big honkin’ Yes to the upper cutlery rack. Less bending and much more efficient for unloading.

  6. I don’t have specific experience with urchins assisting in loading the dishwasher, but I don’t see why they couldn’t be trained to do it properly. It might appeal to them because they can lay everything out in rows and see it all, as opposed to more of a jumbled mess.

  7. Add another vote for the top rack for all the reasons above. Miele. I resisted, but my wife insisted. As usual, she was right.

  8. I’m so impressed with all you chic people and your fancy dishwashers. I’m definitely the rube of the group. My home dishwasher is a KitchenAid that I’ve had for 15 years and like. Simple. Easy to load. Top shelf raises and lowers. In shopping for renovation appliances we thought we could easily skip $$$$ for a new dishwasher. The ovens, stovetop, and vent put a pretty big dent in the check book. But now I’ll most definitely have to look for the upgrade. Thanks.

  9. Third rack in my Bosch holds 2″deep dessert dishes and mini souffle dishes. It’s great! the machine itself holds 16 place settings. Perfect for family gatherings! Bibi
    P.s. wish I’d known of your Squire gathering- I’d have run through the Squire just to glimpse your face! 15th generation Chatham resident!

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