It’s True….

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

I spent over two hours on a Zoom call with a wonderful lifelong friend who is going through some rough patches in life but we managed to turn her news of thoughts of a divorce into riotous laughing, talking about nothing more than dumb shit. We laughed so hard my sides ached.

Laughter is cathartic, so good for the soul and people who don’t laugh or have someone in their lives with whom to laugh are missing what I think is the key to longevity.

Sad are the curmudgeons in this world who always look for the bad in something. I’ve always been a laugher. My mother was too. She loved a good joke. I’d say of my handful of really good friends, only a couple are serial laughers. I don’t know if there’s a laugh or funny gene or why some people have a sense of humor and others don’t, but for me laughter keeps me sane when the world seems crumbling down around us.

So go, do, and have a hearty laugh today!

8 thoughts on “It’s True….

  1. I think the ability to laugh comes from having a positive mindset, not an inherited gene. Democrats are notoriously unhappy and unfunny. My siblings are all very liberal and the biggest sad sacks on the planet.

  2. For many years I had a dentist with a wonderful, ironic sense of humor that clicked with mine. He and his assistant, his perfect foil, frequently had me in the kind of stitches that numbed the pain of the dentistry. Seriously, there were times when tears came. Talk about comic relief.

    Alas, he has retired, and his younger replacement’s extreme pleasantness leaves little room for humor. There is a difference.

    I miss those good old days.

  3. Recently getting my Spotify and wireless headphones working. Stumbling through clips of comedians was awesome!
    Now I do it almost every night while prepping/cooking dinner.
    Laughing should be on the list of shit we should be doing to battle Covid.

  4. I have recently been watching clips of Jackie Mason when it’s time to unwind. Most of our best contemporary comedians are long gone – but they love on via YouTube.

  5. I love to laugh. I am slightly more inclined to the gene theory – even though it seems very complex. Maybe those with a desire for self-importance & a lack of humor are drawn to leftist politics. Conservatives surely have loads to be concerned, worried & miserable about these days – yet still we laugh. Laughing through the pain as you alluded to in your post.

  6. I’m naturally drawn to people who laugh. Mr. EOS loves to laugh and of all his wonderful qualities, his sense of humor drew me to him first.

  7. Me too!! I loved Jackie Mason’s shtick. Joan Rivers too. But I laugh the hardest at old Bob Newhart skits. Old Carol Burnett shoes with the Harvey Korman scenes are double over funny.

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