And The Struggle is Real!

The darlings of Montecito have been named to Time Magazine’s Most Influential 100. In an article written about them by Chef José Andrés (why HE would be chosen to write about Meghan and Harry is beyond me), Andrés says

In a world where everyone has an opinion about people they don’t know, the duke and duchess have compassion for the people they don’t know. They don’t just opine. They run toward the struggle.

The quote is so absurd I have no snarky comeback that’s clever enough to balance the insanity that Meghan and Harry even KNOW what struggle is, let alone run toward it. Look at her jewelry.

The photo alone is enough to make me gag. Meghan in an all white pants suit à la Hillary Clinton. Harry is hiding behind Meghan, of course dressed in black (we get the symbolism Time, we get it) cowering almost, a shadow of his former fun positive self, doing his best to look influential. What a joke.

Who remembers that these two wanted privacy above all?! Privacy unless our agent pays enough to get us on the cover of Time. Then okay.

It’s bad enough that Meghan and Harry were considered, the other 99 aren’t so hot either, but a few others stuck out, as much for being on the list as who wrote about them.

Cindy McCain pens about Liz Cheney. Of course she did.

Harry Belafonte writes about Stacy Abrams! Day-o…..

The funniest one is Susan Collins writes about Joe Manchin.

I honestly don’t know what makes someone Influential. I guess it can mean Influential for Good and Influential for Bad. Trump made the list, but so did Biden and Kamala Harris.

I did not make the list but I think I should have. I mean who else is a true icon of Dumb Shit?

9 thoughts on “And The Struggle is Real!

  1. Page Six has a hysterical article with comments from Tweeters who lit into Time for what everyone thinks is a very airbrushed photo. Someone said “the cover looks fake. Oh right, so are they”. Bam.

  2. Every time I see these 2 turds I immediately think f&^% off!
    Any list that has them on it (except the type some Italians might prepare, wink, wink) should be dismissed as pure garbage.
    Because elements of society are trying so hard to make them important, we should absolutely look upon them as enemies of America.

  3. Time did not get the memo from Oh No and Michelle that these two are persona non-grata. Any celebrity with some functioning brain cells has to realize if they are both willing to throw their respective families (minus MM’s mom) overboard and expose supposedly private family chats that they surrly can’t be expected to hold the secrets of a fellow celebrity.

    1. Good point, but I doubt if most celebrities have the brain power to think of that for themselves. Most are after all famous for beauty, oh & stupid political opinions.

      1. Sadly, truer and truer as the connection between talent and celebrity frays, these two grifters being a prime example.

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