When your flight leaves super early from JFK….

You book an overnight room at the TWA Hotel! No fretting about getting to the airport during rush hour. No leaving three hours before flight.

Family flying out of JFK this morning decided at last minute last night to stay at the iconic TWA terminal hotel. Luckily they checked in before last nights huge storm and said it was cool beans watching the storm roll through.

They even took a dip at 7am before they went over to Delta to check in for their flight.

Text this morning said “Super cute, perfectly kitschy 60’s. They play Aretha Franklin, Beatles etc as you arrive. There are even vintage cars parked inside and outside of the hotel.”

They added that JFK was empty this morning. Good way to start a day of travel.

Happy trails. Staying at this hotel is on my bucket list even if I’m going nowhere.

3 thoughts on “When your flight leaves super early from JFK….

  1. The Departures board is left from the 1960s too? I see an Eastern flight. And two TWA flights. Twilight Zone?

    1. Good eye. I don’t know if all the flights posted there aren’t real or only some but I’ll take a stab and guess all are leftover 1960s and not real.

  2. I’d never heard of this place! How outrageously cool!
    You really need to go stay there and report back. In detail.
    Thank you.

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