Monday Quiz

Which flavor(s) Belvita did I select? They were 2/$7 so you know I bought two. Did I buy two of one flavor or one of two different flavors? Your time starts now.

The Belvita shelf at StopnShop seemed slim pickings to my eye but it’s Monday and what do I know since I’ve never browsed Belvita options before today. For you Belvita experts, is this shelf Mother Hubbard bare or is it fairly representative of all the varieties?

One other clue. I did not buy the pumpkin flavor!! ❌ 🎃

Up and out early this morning I got hung up in the Fox Lane drop off traffic at 7:45am. Took me a good 15 minutes to get from the 684 exit ramp to the Bedford PO. Got my mail then went to Mount Kisco BMW. I was early and apparently so were most of the service employees. It took until after 8:30 for someone to greet me. Monday blues I guess.

I was directed upstairs to wait and man alive, their waiting area was just awful. The coffee machine and counter top were filthy and since it was early Monday it’s obvious to me the area was dirty all weekend. Inexcusable. I opted not to get coffee even though my body was screaming GET COFFEE GET COFFEE.

I was spoiled with Audi quality waiting rooms, snacks, much higher end coffee machine, tables with phone charging outlets – the way a waiting room should be. I didn’t choose to take a photo because two other people were waiting but envision small round café tables and school cafeteria chairs. No outlets to charge phone. No snacks. I was actually shocked it was so bad.

Once my car was done I met a friend in Mount Kisco for a yummy bagel and COFFEE (!!!) then ran to StopnShop for a few basics. Back in Harrison where I feel I need more COFFEE!!

Happy Monday.

11 thoughts on “Monday Quiz

  1. Gideon likes the blueberry best, and it looks like that flavor was sold out (except for the minis). He also likes the chocolate sandwich. Rejects: soft baked and coconut.

  2. The BMW dealer I go is not like this at all. Employees are always jump to immediately upon arrival including at 730 am in the morning (interesting how often we BMW drivers need to frequent the dealership…). You’ll likely be getting a survey from BMW HQ – watch your junk folder over the next week. If you see it, and respond honestly, then management will have some impact one way or the other. Maybe it’s time for you to find another dealer.

    1. The thing is I didn’t buy my car from this dealer although I bought two previous X5s at this dealership but when it was a smaller older version. Car dealership locations are a double edged sword for me. After two X5s, I switched to Audi both of which came from Danbury Audi. Great dealership and service but so far away from me. Actually the first Audi I bought from Danbury the dealership was way the hell up 84. The newish dealership by the mall is better but still a hoof. Then I bought an Audi at New Country in Greenwich, certainly closer but not in my own back yard. Back to buying BMW, it leaves me Mount Kisco or White Plains, that’s really more like Elmsford. No thanks. That MTK BMW is so close wins points so maybe I suck up and deal that their waiting area is awful. Give and take process.

        1. I got coconut, the one you told me to skip, and cinnamon brown sugar, but not the one with crème in the center. I had a coconut one after lunch and loved it. I may have found a new go to snack.

  3. Gideon is just not a coconut fan. Glad you like them! He also favors the cranberry orange flavor. (I think this qualifies as “talking about dumb shit”.)

    1. It’s funny about coconut. There’s no one in the middle category. One either loves coconut or hates it. My oldest keeps telling me he’s allergic to coconut. I say no you’re not. He says yes I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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