Meet the Carraway Management Team

They were busy at their typewriters last week creating a paper document that was delivered by hand to the front door of each residence. Bonus: the document was in a neat trifold.

Perplexed at the delivery method (because as of this morning several are still at front doors), perplexed at the use of paper versus the obvious, but I was mostly perplexed by the content of the document.

The sheet of paper is requesting information that was required of me at the signing of the lease, therefore information Carraway management must already have on file for everyone. Or they should, right?

There was no blast email alerting us to the form or why it was being distributed.

I’m amused that WE are asked to make a copy of this document and deliver them. What, no option to fax the documents?

I’m inclined to ignore the document. Why should I do their work?

Otherwise a cloudy Sunday but nice autumn temps so all my windows are ajar. I’ve got a long day tomorrow starting early at the BMW dealer in Mount Kisco so today I plan to be a lounge kitty, do Friday’s WSJ puzzle and start a new book. And watch the men’s tennis finals, although as many of you said in the previous post, yesterday’s women’s final was superb. Two young talents. Neither had the dreaded drama queen personality of a Serena or a Naomi. Just pure raw talent in the court!!

Happy Sunday.

16 thoughts on “Meet the Carraway Management Team

  1. Sounds like a sublime plan for a beautiful Sunday! I usually have just black coffee in the morning. Gideon has black coffee and Belvita. BUT, but, today, because of YOU, we are eating Fig Newtons. And damn, I don’t think I’ve had one in twenty years! They are good.

    1. Haha. I took the advice of you all and put my Fig Newtons in the freezer. I can attest they are delicious that way, with or without coffee.
      I have Belvita on my grocery shopping list for tomorrow after my car service appointment. I’ll report later.

      Impressive both of you can drink black coffee. I can not. Milk. 1%. Lots of it.

      1. A couple of years ago on a cooking show I heard a very enthusiastic recommendation to keep opened bags of potato chips in the freezer. I forgot about it at the time, but for some reason this thread jogged my memory. FWIW. We’ll see.

        1. Interesting concept but That’s assuming a bag of potato chips lasts long enough to go into the freezer. Not in our house. I’m #TeamSalty over #TeamSweet. Chips over cookies and pie.

  2. I suspect management wants to know who besides the renter is occupying the apartment. Is there a no sublet clause in the lease? No need for you to return the form.
    Curious that the form, dated 2017, didn’t ask for email info.

    1. We had to fully outline who would be in the apartment because fees and things like the water bill are based on size of apartment and how many occupants. It’s not actual usage.
      I don’t think there’s a sublet clause in the lease but I’d have to go back and read it. I figured I’d be here the whole length of the lease.
      Funny, I didn’t even notice there was no blank for email. 🤪

  3. If fees are based on # of occupants some renters might be inclined to fudge that figure. Someone gets a roommate and ‘forgets’ to inform management. Fees probably reflect that possibility. Since you’re paying for water whether you use it or not, go ahead and keep the water running while you brush your teeth.

    1. The only way to enter the building, ones apartment, and other rooms (like the mailroom etc) is with your personal code on the Latch app. If people are here illegally they’d have to share someone’s phone or Apple Watch to get in.

      Last month’s water was $19 but I have no basis for knowing if that’s low or high in terms of what others pay. I do laundry once a week. I don’t use the dishwasher.

  4. Ignore it. If it’s not required of you in your lease to fill out paperwork on demand, there is zero need to comply. You’ve been through enough due to poor management. Let the semi-literate management team struggle through their record keeping without your able assistance.

    I charge back utilities based in square footage to my tenants. No fancy iphone system for them. I figure I’ll never be told who is in the unit so why bother trying to keep tabs. No one has ever complained at lease signing. And the amounts are trivial relative to rent.

    1. I do plan to ignore it. Agree It’s not my job to do their record keeping!

      The water bull is trivial but the electric bill, an actual usage bill, not billed as an add on to my rent from Carraway, but by ConEd separately, went from $96 to $133. Yikes. That seems a lot. Now that the temps are in the autumn range with little/no need for AC, next month should be much less.

      1. Non-trivial is right. Hopefully you will be getting some more neighbours who can keep the common walls warm so your bill will go down.

        If they send the paperwork out again you might want to tweak them by writing on it ‘see lease and application form previously completed’ ha.

        1. It’s the AC that’s been running non stop. It’s back on again today. The summer heat is making ConEdison richer by the day.

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