In this case a picture is worth only one word


This photo of Joe floated around the web last night. I saw no one with an explanation. Was Joe shouting down hecklers (because he certainly had them yesterday)? Was he cheering on a fireman or policeman?

His facial expression is hard to read but certainly everyone around him looks less than pleased at the outburst.

Bill Clinton looks half dead. Hillary is at least standing and has both shoes on. Michelle’s mask is so enormous it looks like she’s an extra in a western movie about to rob a bank. Jill is asking MiniMike to sweep her away in his Dassault Falcon jet. And Barack, he’s wondering why everyone is dressed in black wearing black masks. No one wore masks at his birthday party!

The photo is amazing unto itself, no matter the reason for the mask down shout out.

Anyone hear the scoop behind the photo??

21 thoughts on “In this case a picture is worth only one word

  1. Here’s a better photo of the Black Mask Gang. Stupid.

    I heard Kamala was in Shanksville but didn’t make a statement deferring to Bush. I saw no press photos of Harris.

  2. Biden doesn’t like to be taunted. From the look on all their faces, I’m guessing he was shouting something to a heckler. And an old man with a short fuse should not have access to the nuclear launch codes. Just sayin’.

    1. It’s ok. He’s tried the codes but they don’t work:

      (Ed Note: I’m going to try and insert photo rather than link, that’s why the link is gone. Give me a minute because I can’t do it on the app. I have to turn on my laptop and do it from the Admin pages)

      1. [Ed. note Redux: Madolf, I can’t seem to add a photo to your existing comment above so I’m pretending to be you in this comment so I can add the photo. It’s too good to let go to a link).

  3. The media made a big deal that Trump wasn’t in that line up. I saw only one Republican, Pataki but he was way in the back somewhere. I don’t know who made up the guest list but Trump was never going to be on it, even as a former president & former New Yorker.

    When Trump showed up later shaking hands with the firemen and cops, the media lost their minds. They hated Trump’s show of support for the men in blue.

    1. The media also had their panties in a bunch that Trump was announcing a boxing match last night. Agree the media hate that Trump loves the common man.

    2. Trump absent or Trump not invited? The media really is just propaganda. It’s so transparent to anyone who wants to think for more than half a millisecond.

        1. It amazes me he still has them in a snit every time there is a story. They make it about him or they fixate on it. I only wish the liberals could see the cages and the separated kids – which apparently are no longer an issue worth reporting upon since January 20th. Sick.

  4. That friggin photo is embarrassing! You don’t give shout outs at a memorial you f’n drugged up spoon!
    The video of him running at what I assume is a little girl is SUPER CREEPY (“don’t sniff’em guy is awesome though):

    1. Mug is actually a good insult to hurl at Biden: there is no chance he will understand it, & there is plausible deniability that the hurler didn’t mean what he really meant & the clip can make it onto the news. You will probably recognize it means MF’er.

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