Hot time at the old Hyatt house tonight!

The Hyatt House Residence Hotel is partially in sight from my perch and tonight, sirens ablaze, there’s something happening.

Looks like everyone was asked to evacuate the hotel but I hear laughing so whatever the cause for the fire alarm, since I don’t see flames or smoke, I have to assume it’s something minor. You wouldn’t know that by how many fire engines responded!! Impressive turnout.

This hotel has full kitchens in the rooms since it’s considered a long term stay so perhaps someone set off the alarm while cooking. Side note: I looked at two long term stay hotels as part of the process finding a temporary roof over my head. The Hyatt House was one of the two. Glad I didn’t choose that!!!

Fire trucks leaving now. They are too far away for me to see what department responded and I don’t have a police scanner app to see either.

Hotel Guests headings back in. Phew!

PS: Good Columbo tonight with Dick van Dyke. I’d seen it before (duh) but I watched it anyway because the Giants were losing and all other channels tonight seem to have some awful music “awards” on.

5 thoughts on “Hot time at the old Hyatt house tonight!

  1. If things continue to get loud over there at the Hyatt House you’ll have to rename it the Riot House!
    Yes I know I’m corny 😂

  2. They’ve got kitchens?
    Probably plenty of room for “vetted refugees.”
    Hopefully, it was only food they were trying to cook.

    1. Y’a know, it never occurred to me “vetted refugees” could be there but I bet you’re right. There have been a few big buses dropping of folks.

  3. Side note:
    US Woken trophy ceremony, guy handing champ check to Medvedev:
    Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, JPMorgan Chase.
    What a friggin ridiculous title.

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