…..Where we were. Who we lost. How we felt that day and months afterward. How we feel today.

Many of us lost friends and family. Bedford lost many good people, among them Tatiana Ryjova. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Wife. Mother. Friend. 93rd Floor South Tower.

Since 9-11, I’ve been to the top of the new World Trade Center and visited the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville. An incredible site.

I’ll leave you to your thoughts today. Peace.

28 thoughts on “Remembering…

  1. I was in Atlanta working for Coca-Cola. Father to two young boys. My brother worked for Marsh McLennan in the second tower. MM had employees across both towers, most on upper floors of tower one. My brother got out alive but he suffered anxiety attacks for years afterwards, unable to enter any tall building. I left Atlanta in 2005 to move closer to my brother in CT. We’ve become much closer as brothers. We’re meeting for breakfast at 9am to hug.

    1. I’ve heard many stories of survivors guilt weighing heavily on the emotions. I can’t even begin to imagine. Glad you and your brother were brought closer. Enjoy your breakfast.

      1. Our elder son was married in Manhattan two weeks after the 9/11 attacks. The ceremony was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on Saturday 9/29. When he learned that one of his good friends and Princeton lacrosse teammate, John Schroeder (aka “Stinky”) had died by jumping from one of the burning towers and was being buried in Manhasset Long Island that same morning, Jim and two of his ushers (who were also teammates) took a limo out to attend the service. When Stinky’s father learned that Jim and his friends had gone to such an effort to honor his son, it was understandably an extremely emotional moment. They fortunately made it back in time for the wedding, which was memorable for all the right reasons. Oldtimer

        1. Wow. What a beautiful story of friendship by your son on his wedding day and his fellow Princeton teammates! Thanks for sharing. The men and women who jumped shall be forever etched deep deep in my soul. What hell it must have been for Stinky to leap is something we’ll never comprehend. God rest his soul.

  2. *resident Biden’s 9-11 pre-recorded speech scolded Americans for judging the religion of peace. WTAF???

    To answer your question, I’m more worried today.

    1. I’m switching tv stations watching coverage and landed on local NYC Fox 5. Rosanna Scotto hosting. Cameras panned to Biden. Clinton’s are there. Obama’s are there. Pelosi. Schumer. Pataki. Bloomberg. No GW Bush. No Giuliani (that I’ve seen so far). Why are the Obama’s and Pelosi there? Photo op?

  3. I can’t explain this at all, but I can’t watch any of the memorial stuff today. After the past few weeks, I just feel shattered.
    My husband is on a plane right now on his way to White Plains. I’m more than a little nervous.

    1. No need to explain. I understand completely. I watched very little coverage, turned the TV off when Biden arrived. That was too much for me to accept.

      I also understand your trepidation that your husband is flying today.

  4. GWB in Shanksville and gave a 10+ min speech. It was good until he went down the same “Islam is good” rabbit hole that Biden went down. I got angry when he talked about domestic extremism. You know he meant Trump supporters not the BLM.

    I was already living in Darien by 2001 but working in Westport not NYC. I lost several good friends that day. GWB was the right man for the time but his “sell before date” long ago expired. I had hoped for a better speech from him today.

  5. I can’t watch or listen to a single political hack or corporate media talking pile of makeup on 9/11.
    I can only think of the people that were murdered and how sad I’ll always feel for them and their loved ones.
    Reflecting on more than that, on this day especially, absolutely infuriates me so I’ll wait til midnight before I allow myself to contemplate what an utter moron George W Bush is.

    1. On the bright side tho, if there can be one today, Trump is out and about in NYC today greeting firemen and policemen. Getting so well greeted and cheered. It’s heartwarming. Truly.

      1. You mean, SUPER SPREADER EVENTS!
        See, that’s why I have to wait.
        Also, not going to touch on this f’n moron (oops, too late):

        1. The arrogance of those – what did you say? Oh right F’n morons – continues to be stunning. & the fact that 20 years later, the internet has decimated (or worse) journalism, TV news, publishing, etc. shows that potato head Stelter’s utter abysmal grasp of the situation, makes one wonder if he is not only a few fries short of a happy meal, but if some of those fries actually came from his head.

  6. I was not there. I worked in Westchester at the time in Harrison. Not far I think from you EOS. But I was scheduled to be there. I had made arrangements with a company from Atlanta to meet at 10:00 am September 11th there. They flew in the night before. We had made the arrangements in April. (In April everyone’s schedule was clear for September, plus they got early booking discounts on hotels & airfare). On September 10th late in the afternoon, around 5:30, I walked into my boss’s office and asked if he was going to the meeting in the morning (I had already booked a company car to drive down), plus it was a way of indicating I would be in NYC & not Harrison the next morning. He was a weird one, but he blinked at me a few times & then picked up the phone and called someone based in NYC & told him we would attend via conference call. I cancelled my car reservation. My visitors from Atlanta (as well as all the other meeting invitees) were OK, rented a car & drove back to Georgia.

    1. I got chills reading your comment. What a story. The visitors from Atlanta were lucky they GOT a rental car. None were to be had from 9-12 for a long time.

      1. I don’t tell the story often. The ones who were there were so much more important, including this guy & his fellow heroes.

  7. I highly recommend watching Come from Away on Apple TV. It’s about the passengers on planes diverted to Gander airport in Newfoundland and the welcome given by the residents of that small town. It’s a fine production.
    No, Im not watching any news coverage of the 20th anniversary. There’s a great US Open tennis final between two young women who weren’t even born on 9/11/2001.

    1. I’ve heard lots of good things about Come From Away. Thanks for the suggestion.
      I watched the last set of the women’s finals. Was tense there at the end. The camera singled out Gayle King jumping for joy for Fernandez. I think the rest of the stadium and the world was rooting for Randacanu (sp?)

        1. Agree!! I’m secretly glad Naomi Osaka was not in the finals.

          Now, as for adorable Hopkins, he’s going to need a neck rub cranking his head up so high to watch. But cool beans he can choose from your two TVs three feet from each other!! 👏🏼💯

        2. Watching that amazing match lifted my spirits immensely – the young women were a total inspiration and credit to the graceful and challenging game of tennis, and lovely looking to boot. I thought, if this is multiculturalism, bring it! I also was so happy to see the arena packed to the brim with (mostly) unmasked fans thoroughly enjoying themselves and not cowering in fear from the VIRUS. F-U, Fauci. Oldtimer

  8. 😂 I know, it’s ridiculous. The smaller tv used to be upstairs in the den, but we never watched up there. Our little tv in the kitchen stopped working, so we moved the medium one down there. The big screen is in the living room. It’s a small house with big TVs!

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