Definitely a 426 Hemi with Hilborn Injectors

Why am I awake and typing a blog post at 1:46am?

Because apparently Friday nights in this neck of the woods means replicating Cecil County Dragaway racing on either 287 or Westchtester Avenue.

Temps are cool enough outside to (try to) sleep with the windows open but car drag racing locals have other plans.

This is what I’m hearing, bringing me back to my high school days when all my guy friends were huge car fans. A bunch of us would drive down to Maryland on a weekend night to the car drag races. Big Daddy Don Garlits was a superstar in the funny car division. We’d watch those cars too, the fumes from the gasoline enough to knock you out. But we were young, I don’t even remember my parents worried we were in Maryland on a weekend night. It’s what we did for entertainment.

I’d just like to get back to sleep tonight. Chances are not looking good.

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