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I don’t even have words for Biden’s speech tonight. I felt sick to my stomach. I gasped listening to his words. He truly hates America and he has no concept of the constitution. His words and actions are appalling. I’ve seen more than a handful of small company CEOs say “fine me jail me, I’m not going to force my employees to get vaccinated.” Is what Biden doing even CONSTITUTIONAL???? I don’t think so. Let see if the weak kneed Republicans write a stern letter. 🤦🏻‍♀️

OTHERWISE, I had a great day cavorting – lunching at Muscoot Tavern with two of my kids without their spouses and no children. Yay!!!! It was a rare and special lunch for that alone. We were only one of three tables lunching there yet the service was painfully slow. But we rarely run out of things to gab about. So gab we did.

Then I drove across the street to the 7-11 for some winning PowerBall and MegaMillion tix. I read somewhere that more winners have been sold at 7-11 than anywhere else!! Fingers crossed I win at least $2.00!

At the house again – the demo pretty wild to see. A giant dumpster full. The whole roof is coming off to raise it to eliminate the head bumping low dormers there now. Ouch.

I keep coming back to Biden’s speech. Who wrote it? Who told him to enact this mandate? It couldn’t have come from Biden himself since he said just this summer we were beyond the pandemic. Scariest tho, Biden vowing to go after DeSantis with all the power his vile government has.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for my mother’s estate told us the IRS is running about two years to close out estates so money can be distributed. Two years. Two years. Two years! The incompetence of our government is uncanny.

End of tant.

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  1. I couldn’t watch the speech but read about it in the WSJ. Tyranny. I believe Biden wants a revolt. He wants the rednecks like me to go to DC to protest just so he can arrest me. Already Instagram posts are being blocked that call Biden a tyrant.

    I try and have hope.

    1. I haven’t read the WSJ article yet. I see the huge headline at at the time I glanced there were already 2700 comments so it’s surely a hot topic.

      I agree Biden (aka Obama) wants a civil war. I’ve believed that for a long time. They want the unrest so they can claim conservatives are domestic terrorists.

  2. We all knew it was going to get worse before better. We are nearing the nadir, I believe. This brand of totalitarianism isn’t sustainable in America.

    1. They’re trying out every shade of Mary Kay on the pig. Little do they know the pig will be toast in a not-too-distant ballot box roast that even their urban vote counters can’t correct.

      1. What I worry about is by 2022 the Dems will have had two years to improve their vote stealing knowledge. I believe Biden’s team knows this and write laws accordingly.

  3. It’s not the IRS preventing a distribution; it’s the lawyer and/or executor not wanting to distribute funds in case things change and the Estate ends up owing more money. You should be able to get an interim distribution in the meantime, if you want it, unless it is a really unusual scenario where it is not clear whether there will be anything available to distribute post-audit. The IRS reviews almost all estate tax returns very closely because there are relatively few of them now that the exemption amount is so high (>$11m per person, $22m for couples), and there is a lot of mischief within large estates and often complex valuation issues (artwork, business interests, etc.). It is a relatively easy way for the IRS to target high-dollar tax cheats (obviously I mean no negative implication towards you, just as a general principle) because by definition the amounts at issue are very large – as opposed to auditing income tax returns where the cheating may amount to a few thousand or tens of thousands in unpaid taxes. But I reiterate – unless it is an unusual situation there is no reason you can’t get a partial distribution while you wait.

    1. Thanks for your very insightful comment. I wish what you said were true but alas, it is 100% the IRS holding up signing off on my mother’s estate. The estate paperwork was filed accurately and in pretty rapid order. My mother had all her lawyer and accountant ducks in order before she died, her estate lawyer is excellent. My sister, a CPA, has been on top of every decision and filing. What’s happening to us, and to many others we know of, the IRS is sending collection notices of what they say are unpaid estate taxes, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of interest due attached with each notice. Nothing is due. Everything was paid on time and in full. The notices require the estate lawyer to send letters back to the IRS with copies of all the checks and when the IRS cashed them.

      Just as a double check though, we reached out to a very well known tax lawyer in DC who works for a major NYC law firm. We asked many questions, including, is my mother’s estate lawyer doing anything wrong, and how do we jump to the front of the line?

      His response was “The IRS is a mess, the turnover time for 706 filing to closing pre-COVID was 6-8 months. Now it’s running closer to two years.” He added that my mother’s estate lawyer was doing everything right, sending a letter to the IRS after each collection notice comes.


  4. I’ve been too shocked and depressed to comment on apple sauce brain’s creepy tirade last night.
    No question they are trying to push us. Push us to revolt so they confiscate our firearms and jail us as domestic terrorists.
    These people are evil and extremely dangerous. I’ve never been so terrified for our country.

  5. It’s definitely an attempt to inflame some nut job with an “AR-14.”
    What I love about this happy hour babble session is that they no longer have him walking away from the podium. He came in from a door to the left of the media. So when he left he never turned his back and we didn’t get a glimpse at his weak ass. Hahahahaha, like that makes him look less feeble.
    But let’s be clear the unvaccinated are killing everyone. Except those that are exempt like mailmen and whichever other union decides to stand up to him and tell him to f off.
    I suggest everyone watch these prompter readings whenever possible. It’s not everyday we get to see someone trying to destroy the country while also proving he’s completely out of his mind and is in fact not running a damn thing (but someone it).

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