Too bad Mark has zero authority. Otherwise this would be a great story.

The hyped headline is really a non-story but the hopeful among us who want at least one state to officially declare fraud do wait for something to drop. Alas, a state declaring fraud will happen about the same time the Durham Report is released!! IOW, ain’t gonna happen. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Too bad Mark has zero authority. Otherwise this would be a great story.

  1. No doubt there were “shenanigans” all over (AZ included), the problem is in the messaging and who and how it’s delivered. The delays, the weirdly named Cyber Ninjas, the whack-a-doodle Kelly Ward, etc., all contribute to the idea that any questioning of any result is conducted by fringe lunatics. The weirdos that kept promising and never delivering “proof” hurt more than helped (thinking Powell and that weird guy in GA, who was probably a plant).
    No matter what happens, states better get their crap together and make sure 2022 isn’t conducted the same way 2020 was. That’s what matters most.

    1. Agree 1000%. Not to mention the liberal media gives zero fucks about any audit or presumed fraud. They don’t want to know. They don’t look at any anomalies. It’s a mess.

  2. It is a mess. And I’m 100% certain that the craziest stuff is coming, not from say Trump supporters, but from opponents of anyone not in support of DC. Convoluted conspiracies within conspiracies, within conspiracies, and so on, makes anyone questioning anything an enemy. Look no further than what’s gone on with Covid.

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