Is it possible to be slightly obsessed?

Truth time.

I have a teeny tiny obsession with writing pads. They must be thin lined. Must. Must. Must. They must be yellow. And pass on the legal size, with an allowed exception.

I keep them in every room (granted the apartment only has two rooms!!) but I keep two stacks on my desk, a stack in the kitchen, two by the bed.

Always with pens at the ready in case some brilliant idea comes into my pea brain. I gotta write it down. I just have to.

But if that isn’t strange enough, it gets even more obsessive.

Once the pad is just slightly over half done, I can no longer use it. Yikes!! Crazy.

I’m not sure where that oddball behavior comes from. I’m not remotely OCD. Not at all. But once the pad of paper is looking like it’s spent, I deep six it, quietly.

I pretty much buy out the shelf at Staples when I see them because at they are rarely in stock. And Staples is the only place that carries this particular brand I use. TruRed. I think most people prefer wide rule pads of note paper and legal pads at that. I DO keep some thin ruled legal pads around for when the list is a major one but none of those pads made it with me in the move.

My chore list is short today. CVS and Staples, but not for more writing pads, unless….

No one won last nights MegaMillions so I made the right call not stopping to get tix on the way home yesterday. I’ll stop somewhere and get some today. I know. I know. Lottery is only for fools. That’s me.

Happy Wednesday! My local grandkids went back to school today. The Pennsylvania grandkids went back last week but then had three days off for Rosh Hashanah. 🤷🏻‍♀️

4 thoughts on “Is it possible to be slightly obsessed?

  1. My dad always had either a white or yellow legal pad next to his chair in the den. It was full of numbers. I think he was always thinking about how he was going to pay for three daughters to get through college while still being able to pay his wife’s Ronnie Rexall Pharmacy bills (my mother liked photo developing services and all the swell gifts and cards Rexall’s was known for). All his number crunching worked out in the end! EOS: There are worse obsessions.

  2. It’s perfectly ok to be simultaneously obsessed and bat shirt crazy.
    It’s why spouses love each other (those that do of course).

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