If I had to guess, I’d say Trump **is** running in 2024

Tonight. 11pm. Fox. Greg Gutfeld interviews DJT! Should be awesome.

Trump has been both very vocal and very visible lately. He has two rallies planned for October. Lots of statements released on Afghanistan. Of course, because he’s banned from all social media, he has to work harder to get his message out.

To this political junkie, all the above signs point to a 2024 run.

What say you?

15 thoughts on “If I had to guess, I’d say Trump **is** running in 2024

  1. The WSJ opinion gurus think Trump is toast. Burnt toast. There’s a piece out today to that regard. I’d link it but you can’t get behind the paywall.

    I do NOT think Trump will run for several reasons. The press would pulverize him again. He’d never get any of the media coverage he got for 2016. His adult children took so much grief I don’t think they’d be willing to jump back in the fire. Mostly Melania will tell him no.

    1. I saw the WSJ opinion piece. After nearly five years refusing to read the Journal and their lefty writers, I decided I to resubscribe. $4/mo digital platform only.

      As for his family, you make a great point. Junior has serious time to make up with his children. He admitted during the 2020 campaign frenzy he relied solely on his ex wife Vanessa to care for them. Eric seems to be the quiet rational son with a brilliant beautiful politically savvy wife. They will be okay. Ivanka and Jared. That had to be a very rocky time for their marriage and for the children. I can’t see she’d ever be involved again. Understandably so. Leaving Melania. Agree her vote counts the most and I think your assessment is accurate. Melania was treated so poorly I don’t know how she stood it. The media hated her.
      All that said, Trump hates to lose. I predict he’s thought about running seriously.

      1. DailyMail says Melania is out but not stopping DJT from running. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9960091/Melania-no-lady-helping-Trump-political-ambitions.html

        The kids – I am sure the Don Jr and Eric would sink their teeth into it again given how horribly the media and social media behaved. I have to hope/believe there is a solution to speech that does not involve Twitter and FB and Youtube. Jared is starting up a new fund based in the Middle East so not sure he would extricate himself to get involved in a campaign and he’s not much of a crowed pleasing draw to start with – but I see him becoming an advisor again. Remember when everyone (including me) laughed when DJT put him in charge of Middle East peace negotiations? And he actually produced the Abraham Accords. Who knew? I see him wanting to return to that role without getting his hands dirty in the campaign.

        We shall see. DJT really did make a few self-imposed errors in the 2020 campaign that went beyond his usual free-flowing authentic self. If he feels he wants a redo without those, while still staying true, who knows? He won before. And if he is running against Harris, he may be all the more appealing.

        1. Thanks for the link to the Daily Mail article. I can’t decide if Melania would file for divorce if Trump ran and won or if she’d just keep residence at Mar-A-Lago and they’d live separate lives.

          Agree Trump made some errors, not only in the 2020 election but during his tenure as president. He trusted too many swamp rats.
          Maybe in tonight’s Gutfeld interview Trump will give us insights in to his goals.

        2. A President who makes no mistakes merely has the full force of the media and social media companies behind him. See e.g. *Resident Biden.

  2. As much as I enjoyed his referencing the shithole 3rd world countries & the name calling, I think DJT is temperamentally unsuited to the office of President. I’d like to think there is someone out there who has the ability to restore some common sense & civility to a country I’m beginning to not recognize.

    1. Yes. I agree. The nation would be full of riots and marches again. CNN would gain a new big audience. There would be more impeachment trials. Nothing would bear resemblance to civility. On the face of it Trump was the only president in my lifetime to show us who lives in the swamp then stand up to them. But let’s say there IS someone out there other than Trump to run in 2024 who’s not a RINO, who WILL put America First again, won’t he/she get the same vile media treatment? Certainly the media sees DeSantis as that person already and they’ve thrown tons of dirt his way. He manages to slough it all off with a good deal of common sense and civility but he may not want to run for president. He saw how filthy politics can be at the top.

      1. I watched the press conferences during the Miami collapse. DeSantis volunteered state funds a number of times including to promptly bring down the remaining tower in advance of a tropical storm. He also did not point fingers when local authorities were a bit slow on the uptake to get that tower pulled down. The D Mayor of Miami-Dade, who is otherwise quite capable or certainly articulate and intelligent, could not bring herself to say thanks more than once or twice, each time her eyes and mouth conveying she was having as much fun as she would undergoing a root canal. She thanked so many other people effusively. But she couldn’t thank DeSantis. It was something to see – or not see, I suppose – day after day. Very telling.

        Just because DJT is not there does not mean there is civility in America. Quite the opposite given the totalitarians running the country and all its major private sector entities.

    2. I agree that the country is better served by Trump in a kingmaker capacity and believe that De Santis has demonstrated all the qualifications to restore common sense and civility. No matter how hard the Dem opposition research is working to destroy him, I think he will emerge relatively unscathed. Oldtimer

  3. President Trump and Gutfeld …my two favorite guys…i love them both…ok, I love Donald more…imagine Gutfeld as his running mate …lol…i can’t wait to watch – thanks for letting me know!!
    I pray Donald wins. It would be his third win for president.

  4. Meh. I was not impressed. Greg made it more about himself.

    I would have preferred the interview be shown all at once rather than dribs and drabs. Second half is tonight. Going to pass.

    1. I wasn’t horribly impressed either. I also didn’t like seeing short clips of the interview interspersed with the show. Too bad.

    2. Haven’t watched the interview yet, but I’m not surprised to hear Greg made it more about himself. In some ways he’s a brilliant thinker, but on The Five and his own show he tries too hard to direct attention to himself.

      1. Yes and no re Greg making it about himself. He has an incredible self-deprecating sense of humor. He’s always making fun of himself- his short stature primarily but also he’s brutally honest about his past. The people I know who know him from living in south Salem say he’s the salt of the earth. No pretense. No air.

  5. It’s too bad Trump isn’t the kind of guy that could work for DeSantis (I’m using RDS) in a non-official, non-public way (encrypted phones????).
    He could be deployed like a special campaign unit (or junkyard dog) to take on fake smears against RDS and fire up not just the base, but people that believe the country is going in the wrong direction (so basically everyone to the right of AOC who is not a member of the Uni-party).
    RDS is the guy the left fears the most. His resume is practically perfect, he doesn’t take crap from anyone and he comes across as very bright (although my standards could be off because I’ve watched too many of Hiden’s pressers).
    He’d be a guaranteed 8 year POTUS if he got in and could possibly establish some real opposition to the globalists in DC who want America to fail.

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