The Only Thing Missing from Biden’s Storm Photo Op today will be the Chris Christie Hug!

President Biden will visit New Jersey and New York on Tuesday after both states sustained damage from floodwaters by the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

The president will travel to Manville, New Jersey, and the New York borough of Queens.

For you Friends junkies, this trip by Biden is brought to you by Ross moving the sofa up his apartment stairs: PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT.

And of course, the trip will mean a speech about how critical it is to pass the $3.5 trillion infrastructure pork bill. Not actual sympathy for what damage Ida caused.

I watched a bit of Mornings with Maria today and Nicole Malliotakis was on, the R representative from Staten Island, and she talked at great length about the people who drowned in NYC in Ida. Her two cents was that those people were all in illegal basement apartments, all ignored by DeBlasio. Makes sense.

I can’t think of how one dime more money could have prevented the rains of Ida from flooding streets and the subways. Someone smarter than I will have to clue me in.

I won’t be watching Biden today. Just another dog and pony show to get his ratings up. Ugh.

7 thoughts on “The Only Thing Missing from Biden’s Storm Photo Op today will be the Chris Christie Hug!

  1. Included in the $3.5 trillion are funds to reverse the climate changes which result in more frequent extreme weather events like hurricanes which cause torrential rains resulting in flooded basement apartments in Queens. Easy peasy. Just follow the science.

    1. In my wanderings today from West Harrison to Bedford to Mount Kisco to Katonah and back, it’s not an exaggeration to say there wasn’t a single stretch of roadway, not 287, not 684, not 22, not 172, not 117, not 35, that wasn’t in need of some repair. Potholes. Long stretches of 684 are brutal.Local roads are no better. Even backroads. You could spend all the money on earth and all the tea in China and never get the road infrastructure a constant good.

      1. A relative here in Canada once commented decades ago how much driving in the States was looked forward to because the roads were always better maintained than up here. Sad that roads are getting short shrift these days; but I suppose that is to be expected given the times and the focus on more exciting things like the potato chip of climate change falling on the floor, to echo your other post today.

        1. “the potato chip of climate change falling on the floor”!! 😂😂

          It’s not as simple as just fixing the roads. No offense to small town highway department workers, they’re all a nice lot, but what I’ve witnessed in their (lack of) skill set to repair potholes gives me no hope that infrastructure problems can ever be resolved.

      2. Some states can still build and maintain roads. The problem with the NE is that they see everything as a generational jobs program that funds the criminal enterprise between pols and public unions and sucks off the taxpayer.
        Saw a “chain gang” working outside just this morning clearing some undeveloped land near a highway. Probably not allowed to do that in say MA, because it’s cruel and because if work needs to be done, they believe a new union member should be watching it not get done.

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