It took the entire long weekend but…..

We filled all our S&H Green Stamp books then took the Rambler to the Redemption Center!

Janie got the doll she wanted. Jimmy got that tennis racquet. Dad got binoculars and wow, I got the gravy boat of my dreams. I couldn’t be happier!!

Dad really had hoped to bring home the awesome 7-inch diagonal solid state Sony TV but it was 33 books and he understands how important it is that my kitchen be the pride and joy of our home. He deferred.

What’s funny about these photos is it could have been my family growing up. We had that exact metal kitchen tall chair and mom was always aproned in a dress and heels. Very June Cleaver. Very Dinah Shore.

Mom collected S&H Green Stamps from the A&P. I remember as if it were yesterday the stamps coming out of the dispenser at the supermarket and mom stashing them in a special bag to bring home. It was a big deal!!

Somehow my sister and I were charged with putting the stamps in the books – not sure how we got the short straw other than perhaps that by helping we got some standing to get something we wanted?

The concept of collecting stamps hasn’t changed, only the means. Today’s equivalent of Green Stamps is collecting credit card or airline points. It was AMEX points we turned into KrisFlyer points that flew us to Singapore on Singapore Air in business class pods for $16 each. And relatively few miles/points.

I gotta say though that there’s zero excitement earning credit card points as there was for us as a family to see a giant paper grocery bag (when paper grocery bags were the default) full of Green Stamps. It was a family affair, at least in our house.

As an aside, by forwarding my house mail to a post office box, only first class mail is delivered, meaning no catalogs, no junk mail. Fine by me. There were days when that was all that was in the mailbox. It got us talking about the Great Old Days of Catalogs, not S&H, but real deal big catalogs. Sears. JC Penney. Spiegel 60609.

The Tiffany catalog when I was a teen was huge, full of rings and fancy baubles. Neiman Marcus was the be all end all at Christmas. And FAO Schwarz.

I know we can’t look backwards, but I loved looking through catalogs as a kid and I know my own children couldn’t wait for the Christmas ToysRUs catalog to arrive. There’s something special about tagging pages or circling the Game Boy you want in a catalog rather than texting a screenshot.

Oh well. Happy Tuesday. Gorgeous day. I’ll be in Bedford most of today. Gotta get some groceries in too, that is if the store shelves are restocked after the long weekend. Have a great day!

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8 thoughts on “It took the entire long weekend but…..

  1. My mother only shopped where S&H stamps were given. We redeemed books once a year and my folks always got something electronic, like a radio. My brother got a bow and arrow set one year. I got a big doll house. Good times. Good times.

  2. I grew up a hayseed in rural Nebraska where the only big store in town was Tom’s grain and feed. My lifeline to the world outside the farm was the Sears catalogs. I dogearred page after page.
    I left Nebraska for college and live in Darien now where my children don’t know what Sears or a catalog is. /sad trombone

  3. Back in Ye Olden Days, didn’t you have to fill out a form from the middle of the catalog with your order and then mail it in? Wouldn’t it takes months to actually receive what you purchased?
    Delayed gratification? What’s that??

  4. I grew up in Darien in the 1960s – lived on Middlesex Road. Went to Elementary, Junior and Senior high there. My father and I used to go to the Sears store on Summer Street.

    I just came back from visiting Darien. Noroton Heights is all different – no more Stolers and the Dairy Ann (from way back). It is all changing. Sad to see. Sold my mother’s home (after 50 years!) a few years ago, and the new owner made a gargantuan house and cut down all the trees. Heartbreaking. Wonderful (and not so wonderful) times were had in that house……

    I am so glad that I lived there when we did. Such a simpler time! Very grateful for the experience.

    1. It’s hard to go back to a childhood hometown, especially those of us who grew up in, as you said, a simpler time when all dads shopped at Sears for tools and tires. I don’t know anyone who lives in Darien now. The kids gave peers who live there who like it. One just moved to Rowayton. Talk about an area that changed, like Noroton! Unrecognizable. Huge beach houses outdo the next. Oh well. Nothing we can do.

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