Is It “Without a cause” or “Against Authority”?

The former Hess-former Speedway gas station became an Exxon without anyone telling me and their convenience stores are called Rebel. I’m thinking a dyslexic millennial employee was charged with coming up with a cool name for the stores. I’m unimpressed.

I only went in for lottery tickets, thwarted at Shoprite because their machines were rebooting, but the new Rebel store was not even set up for the basics. The old Speedway employees were talking to the Rebel setup guys trying to get a handle on how to display this and that. But biggest signs were over the cash registers “No lottery tickets available”.

Twice thwarted I opted to cross the street to the Sunoco station I never use but the line was so long to get gasoline, I couldn’t even find a place to park to run in for tix. I guess people were filling up after being away the long weekend.

As I pulled out of the Sunoco lot, my car began shouting to me: Get your oil changed now or else you’ll die. Out of nowhere. Says I’m OVERDUE for an oil change. I have just over 5000 miles on my car and the first oil change didn’t seem possible,

But coincidently I wasn’t that far from Mount Kisco BMW so I popped into their service department and asked if they could reset the alert so it would go away. No, they would/could not. Okay. Can you change my oil now while I wait? No, not today. Monday. Until then I guess I have to listen to the warnings and see the yellow alerts on the dash.

I never got a lottery ticket, or put it this way, I haven’t yet and I’m already back to the apartment, sidelined a bit on 684 south by a car accident I could see happen in front of me, and with frozen foods in the trunk, I came home first.

I happened to look closely at the mail I gathered at the Bedford PO and was shocked, yes shocked, at the date a letter was sent from Wilmington, one of my mother’s best friends catching me up on her goings and doings. August 6??? Is that what it says?? And I got it today, September 7? Even if it was mailed August 16, that long to get to Bedford??? Crazy. Shall I call Joe to complain? I hear he’s going to give another speech on COVID and vaccines. Oh boy, that’ll be fun fun fun. Not.

Feet up time. I’ve been having a tough time with some arthritis in my left hip. It really hurts today so I’m going to walk it out doing a few loops around the third floor. Ouch.

12 thoughts on “Is It “Without a cause” or “Against Authority”?

  1. Life is too short for arthritis pain. I do a good deal of hiking and was really experiencing a good deal of pain in both feet. Finally, a friend told me about a podiatrist in Stamford named Peter Siroka. Great guy. Started me on injections, then several weeks of oral steroids followed by orthotics. I’ve been pain-free for over three years! And when old dog Perkins started showing signs of arthritis at ten or so, we put him on Meloxicam, which greatly helped his mobility for another five years.

    1. Wow. I’ve heard others say oral steroids helped. That’s great news!!

      My legs are different lengths, like many people, thus my stride leaves me putting more weight on one side. I tried orthotics but because they actually made me stand properly, my hips hurt more! The ache comes and goes depending on the weather. I didn’t get any time soaking in the sun and the sun really helps bake away the arthritis. I really need several months in the beach in Barbados!

    2. Holy Crap! Meloxicam is the greatest drug ever!
      My dog stiffened in the hip and back when he was about 10 or 11. It would make ya cry watching him and I immediately thought of the old days when that was pretty much it for a dog. One dose later and a dose or 2 per year as needed and never a problem again. What a miracle drug.

      1. Is Meloxicam only for animals or can humans take it?

        I answered my own question by googling it. So yes but those human side effects are doozies!!!!

        1. Yeah, it’s too bad.
          The only thing I’ve ever done for what was diagnosed as an arthritic knee was a cortisone shot, better footwear and a recumbent bike.

        2. For dogs it’s called Metacam. But Meloxicam is the same thing. It costs less as Meloxicam, so that’s what Perkins got. Truly transformative, but an NSAID, so we had to watch liver counts.

  2. Greenwich Audi has a newish state-of-the-art service building that is very customer friendly. My oil light went on, I drove in (no app’t), they took care of it and in 5 mins I was out of there. Gratis. Similarly when my tire pressure alarm went off I didn’t even have to get out of the car: an air hose comes out of the ceiling. They never ask if the car is in warranty (mine isn’t) or if you bought it there. As long as it’s an Audi they take care of these little problems and send you on your way. Most convenient, especially if you happen to live in Greenwich. My wife doesn’t get that kind of service with her Benz and, apparently, neither do you Beemer people.

    1. Before this BMW X5 I had a string of Audi Q5s. The first one came from Danbury. The last two from New Country. I was always happy with their service.
      MTK BMW is happy to service the car no questions asked. The only reason they said they didn’t remove the alert was it would alter the systems future maintenance guidelines. Before the string of Q5s I had an X5 from the sane BMW dealer. Never had any problem with their service department.

  3. My oil change notification came on a few weeks ago & annoyed me greatly. But it was just an orange cartoon wrench. Your car’s message is much more strident. (I did get the oil changed & the orange wrench went away.)

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