Do I wait for the new iPhone or buy the 12 now?

From the Wall Street Journal

My iPhone 8Plus is showing her age. She dims for long periods of time for no reason, kinda like I do, so I think I’m ready for an upgrade. I looked at the iPhone 12, not the Pro, the 12 with the 6.1″ screen.

I liked the 12. They are in stock in Greenwich and the Apple Store Westchester Mall. I get decent money for the trade-in…. but should I wait and see what the newest iPhone is all about? 


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  1. There will always be another new iPhone about to be released. I would go with your immediate needs. If is affecting your daily life now, then upgrade now.

  2. That makes sense but I’d at least like to see what the new model has to offer. If nothing else, maybe the price of the 12 will go down if the new model has winning merits. I don’t need the fanciest bells and whistles so the 12 will likely suit. I’ll just wait to see where the price settles.

  3. I was sprayed by a skunk the other night and my iPhone took the brunt of it. I placed it in 2 ziplock freezer bags and you could still smell it so it’s now on the back porch!

  4. Oh dear. Oh dear. How on earth did you get sprayed by a skunk?? And did you try and fend off the critter with your phone??? Did you at least capture a photo?? 😂

  5. You and Mr. EOS must be brothers from another mother. While he has an iPhone 8+, he might as well have a twenty year old Nokia. He sees no use in apps. He uses the phone to (a) speak to someone (b) to text someone (c) to take an occasional photograph. 😍

  6. My daughter comes rushing into the garage in a panic asking for help. She was putting away her chickens and rabbits for the night when she heard terrible screaming from the back of the yard. It’s was a young skunk that got himself stuck in the fence. I managed to get him free but was using the flashlight on the phone so it got it as well as my hand. Luckily I was still wearing my long sleeve mechanics coveralls and old sneakers so I just tossed them
    No pics 😂

  7. That’s me, too. I had a flip phone until last October. And while I admit that the Apple phone has so many advantages, I hate the accidental dials, FaceTiming, and random applications it opens while in my pocket. As a result, I often leave it at home.

  8. I think your group is larger than those of us who are self described techies. I have a BIL & SIL who can’t deal with fancy phones. The butt dials are kinda funny. I don’t do FaceTime either. It’s simply a toggle off. Bottom line I use the phone more for the apps than I do for phone calling and texting.

  9. That’s quite the story!! Your daughter sounds remarkable, not only caring for the chickens and rabbits but getting help for the skunk. Now that’s devotion to the animal kindgom and makes getting your phone skunked seem all worth while. 🥰

  10. I just bought a 12 pro in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Europe (which now may or may not happen!), upgrading from an XR. Upgrading my phone is always the least fun and exciting $1,000 I spend aside from home repairs and car maintenance, but the camera is much better. That said, you have 30 days to return so if the new phone is worth holding out for (likely not), then you can always do that. I might!

  11. Oooh, tell me about the trip to Europe that may or may not happen. I have friends who planned to fly to Paris next month for the children’s fall break, and just cancelled. COVID restrictions and a certain unease specifically about Paris. If it’s not too personal, I’d love to know your thoughts about going versus cancelling.
    Oh, and thanks for the phone advice too.

  12. We have friends who just returned from Europe, including three nights in Paris. In retrospect, they would have cut the time in Paris and spent more time in the Alps where masks weren’t required nearly as much as in the city.

  13. I get going to the Alps. And of course the sane me says Go, Do, Do Not Be Afraid, but Paris is in the throes of a trial for a 2015 act of terrorism and the city is on high alert.

  14. I’ve never sent a text. One of my first phones had texting and the first one I received was a pic my smartass brother sent me of a naked fat guy on a bicycle. I had it shut off by the next day, and have never looked back.
    Most of my bridges are saturated in flammables, I don’t need in ill timed or not thought through brain fart to drop the match.

  15. You’re a better man Charlie Brown. I text lots of people rather than calling, even to the degree I’ll text birthday wishes. I haven’t sent a condolence text yet. I guess that’s where I draw the line. With kids and grandkids, I get a handful of photos texted to me almost every day. At the beach. Back to school. With the dog. Gifs. Political screenshots. I like it all tho.

  16. This guy says wait. If you want the 12, then waiting a week might net a $200 savings. I don’t know, I’m an Android kid. I don’t know the current prices of iPhone 12. I do know that Samsung phones usually do drop in price once a new one is released. He says: “Lower prices are coming on iPhone 12 lineup: Apple typically reduces the price of the previous generation iPhones as soon as the new models are announced. We expect that the iPhone 12 will cost $599 after the iPhone 13 is introduced, which would be $200 less. It’s hard to say what the other iPhone 12 models will cost or even if Apple will continue to sell those models, but we’d anticipate a substantial reduction across the board.”

  17. Gee, thanks for that link and comment. It’s become now a no-brainer for me to wait.
    The dimming problem is a nuisance but I can live with it.

  18. A quick week in Venice, Rome, and Florence via Tauck. Have never been to Italy so want to hit the main tourist traps. Because we are doing a tour, and Tauck has been great so far, we feel okay about going – someone else is tasked with worrying about it all. Italy has added a required negative test even for vaccinated travelers, and imposed a quarantine for the unvaccinated. That eliminates unvaccinated tourist travel so probably means the plane is effectively only vaccinated people who have a recent negative test (and the tour definitely is). So IMO the new travel restrictions are a plus, not a negative, and getting a test is no huge inconvenience. As a country, Italy has a lower number of cases per 100,000 than Connecticut (not by much), and a similar vaccination rate. We will be in major cities and in the north of the country, where I’d expect the case rate is lower and vaccination rate is higher than the country overall. So the baseline risk is no higher, really, except we’ll have many more exposures to people per day than in everyday life.

    But it may be a really stupid idea. My dad (who I’m going with) is elderly and not in great health, though not immunocompromised. And my life doesn’t lend itself well to getting stuck in Italy for 14 days if I test positive. But my dad really wants to go – Italy is one of the few places he’s never been, and he doesn’t know how many more years of traveling he has. Perhaps this is macabre or crass, but my thinking is that it is better for him to enjoy his time, however much of it is left, even if it entails some risk, than to have a boring, unfulfilled last few years of life. (He is also less steady on his feet these days, and my view is – I’d rather fall down and break my neck on the Spanish Steps than going to the bathroom in the middle of the night at home.)

    Myself – I’m Covid-cautious and would very much like to live through this whole thing without getting infected, but want to do this for my dad and have a realistic view that given my age and health condition, the risk of severe illness is low. I have not traveled at all, anywhere, for 2 years now. And if I do get stuck in Italy because I test positive well – at least the food will be good! Not to be blase about something serious but I’m trying to have a decent attitude about it all. Even though in the last month the tour dates have changed, flights changed, and there are no longer direct flights into Italy via Delta 🙂

  19. Sorry to take so long to reply. Your trip sounds wonderful in every way shape and form. Not in any way stupid. Just the thought of what your doing for you father brings a smile to my face. Go for it! Tauck is fabulous.

  20. I also have an IPhone 8plus. Works fine for me. Sick of hearing how I need 5G!

  21. Agree about the stupid 5G stuff. Where I live in Bedford is so far away from any tower I barely get 3G. People in towns around me are always fighting cell towers. 5G won’t happen in my lifetime in my neck of the woods.

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