It’s the girl. And her dog.

I woke in the middle of the night with a terrifying dream in which I was horribly afraid seeing a young girl with a dog coming in the apartment.

I kept shouting It’s the girl. It’s the girl. And the dog.

In the dream I was frozen, unable to move to get out of bed to stop the girl and her dog from coming in.

Equally frightening, I was sure the dog was the same one from the renovation photo. I didn’t recognize the young girl.

I finally woke out of the dream, still frightened that someone had entered the apartment but convinced the renovation photo of the dog is evil.

I’m deleting the ghost dog post. Throwing away the photo from my phone and only looking at cute cat pix all day to undo the trauma my mind has endured. Sheesh.

There must be some explanation for the dream but I’m not sure I want to know. 🤪

16 thoughts on “It’s the girl. And her dog.

    1. Is there a dog park you take Hopkins to for daily socializing?

      Speaking of dogs, did you see that Jasper, Dana Perino’s dog died yesterday? He was only nine but had cancer that wasn’t curable.

  1. Our dog park here in Greenwich leaves a bit to be desired. We go to our friend’s house for play dates. I didn’t see that about Dana Perino’s dog. We have friends who have Vizslas and with one exception, all have died by the age of ten of cancer.

    1. So many Dog parks are filled with Karens. Lots of posturing. Lots of judgement. I’ve never been to the one in Bedford.
      Interesting about vizslas breed dying of cancer. Like boxers. They don’t live long either.

  2. Golden Retrievers also have problems with cancer. Whenever our friends lose their dogs to cancer, I make a donation in their name to the Morris Animal Foundation, which is dedicated to cancer research. There is nothing to say when someone loses a pet, but this to me seems better than sending flowers.

  3. I’ve been riddled with bad dreams my entire life. The dreams were so bad I went to therapy because i thought my head was screwed up. Therapy didn’t resolve a thing and I still get nightmares. I just deal with it.

    1. I used to have a recurring dream as a teen that I hit a golf ball into a water tower and in order to retrieve the ball I had to climb down a thousand steps under the tower but I could never get back up and out. I didn’t dare go to therapy to see what that was all about. 🤪😵‍💫

      1. I recently read this book called Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor.
        I think he’s a journalist. He had issues his whole life with sleeping, health, fitness, whatever (I pictured him as a nerd with a runny nose since birth, but that’s how I read).
        I picked the book up because I was waking up with a rapid heart beat and figured it was probably sleep apnea and the fact that I probably slept in rhythm with my dog, and when he died, my sleep was screwed up.
        Anyway I started doing just some simple breathing exercises and I feel like a new(er) man.
        Overall, the book was full of interesting stuff like how a choral director helped the 68 Olympic track team and the Schroth Method for scoliosis (Google it, very interesting). All from better breathing.

        1. Losing a beloved dog, especially one that shares the bed and keeps our feet warm, is one of life’s tough challenges. I personally think breathing properly is the key to life. When you stop and think about it, stress causes one to breathe rapidly but proper breathing is so calming. I took yoga years ago and I was all about breathing through the nose and out the mouth. I’d take yoga now but if I got in the lotus pose I’d be stuck there in perpetuity.
          I used an app called Calm that I liked a lot until it got so popular it started charging a monthly fee. I deleted the app then.
          I’ll check out the book. Thanks. I usually am a good sleeper. Mr. EOS not at all. He doesn’t tend to have bad dreams and I do.

    1. No. I’m in the No Pill Ever family. I think it’s my vivid imagination and odd personality that causes me to have so many dreams.

  4. The 2020 election and COVID did a number on me psychologically. I wasn’t able to concentrate. Working from home added tons of stress then my aging father got ill and it about did me in. Prayer helped me through it all. I found a daily mass on TV and got on my knees and prayed I’d make through. I did but it was very difficult.

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