Me, This Morning When….

A peach pit fell into the garbage disposal!!!

The apartment kitchen has a garbage disposal, something I’ve never had in any Bedford kitchen as they are not allowed if you have a septic system. Lots of people put them in anyway, but I never did.

We had one in my house growing up and I remember the angst of trying to retrieve something that fell down, usually silverware.

I had two peaches this morning and as I took out the pits, I said to myself, self, just be sure to carry the pits safely to the trash can. But one blooped out, did a double bounce in the sink and fell, kuplunk, down the hole of fear.

There’s an electric panel in the apartment and I could have turned off circuit #9 dedicated to the garbage disposal, but I could SEE the pit and decided to reach in and get it.

Admittedly, getting the pit with my hand versus long tongs or first turning off power to the unit was not too smart, but I’m glad to report I still have a left and right hand and all my fingers.

The Pit Incident cemented my reasoning for not putting a disposal in the renovated kitchen.

Gorgeous Friday in this neck of the woods. I had the windows open all night. Aaah. The constant hummmm of the 287 traffic is getting more like white noise, but it is constant.

Lots of people still recovering from Ida. Flooding was huge in Mamaroneck and Rye. The Sawmill and Bronx River Parkways were like rivers. It was a mess.

Weekend Labor Day plans for you all? Going away? Staying home? Nothing on my weekend agenda yet but it’s early.

Have a good one.

16 thoughts on “Me, This Morning When….

      1. If I recall your a bit of a car gal? Up at Lime Rock is the annual Sunday in the park concour d’ elegance and gathering of the Marques. My daughter and I are going and it’s funny she has very expensive tastes in cars like myself !
        I’ll grab some powerball tickets Saturday 😂

        1. Sounds wonderful. Post pix!!! Grab both a Powerball and Mega Millions ticket. Each is over $300m. That’ll buy you and your daughter a sweet car or two! Good memory. I am I deed a car gal. Inherited gene from my dad, a big car buff.

  1. I grew up with garbage disposals and remember well the anxiety anytime something had to be retrieved from its bowels. I bought my house with a contraband garbage disposal on septic and will not be replacing it when I renovate the kitchen. When you’re not using the disposal regularly (as you shouldn’t be when on septic, unless you really want to spend $20k on a replacement system) it accumulates disgusting scum very quickly. There are fortunately specialty cleaning products for this purpose – basically a little pod you put down there while running the water and the disposal, which foams it all out. My mother would regularly run the carcasses of squeezed lemons or oranges through our disposal growing up to keep it fresh, but I’m not doing that here because, again, septic. I’m about 100 feet away from my town’s sewer line but don’t expect to connect anytime soon, unfortunately.

    1. It’s amazing to me how quickly bad smells accumulate in the disposal. I mean I don’t even use it and it already has smells. I do what your mother did, grind lemon rinds in it. I’ve seen internet hacks that make ice cubes with lemon peel and then grind them in the disposal.

  2. There’s a scene in an episode of Frasier (best show ever!) where Niles fearfully reaches into the disposal for something at the exact moment Daphne turns on the coffee grinder.
    They have to peel Niles off the ceiling.
    I have nightmares about it.

    1. I’ve never seen that episode. Hysterical. I recently saw the final episode of Frasier where he gets a tv job in San Francisco but in the last scene his airplane lands in Chicago. I had to Google why.
      The best ever Niles episode of Frasier was The Silent Scene, Niles ironing. Five minutes of comedy without a single word spoken. Genius.

      1. Yes!! That scene was pure comic genius. Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce are truly gifted actors. They make so many “entertainers” today seem third and fourth rate.

        1. I saw Spamalot on Broadway when it first came out. DHP was the star. I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life.

    1. I took my sister to Spamalot, she with no sense of humor and with no knowledge of Monty Python. I promised her she’d laugh. Remarkably, she did.
      Agree with you about seeing it again but I doubt any new cast could be half as good as the original cast. Sitting at Spamalot was the single greatest laughathon I’ve ever experienced.

    1. Abby, I’ve had have a post about the SCOTUS ruling sitting in the draft column since yesterday but I opted out of publishing it. Abortion is such a personal decision so I didn’t feel my blog was the right place for people to share their point of view.

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