The Good News Is….

…. I don’t have to hear [Bonus Points if you know her name!] tell me I can get $148 more per month for Medicare in my zip code. She’s a licensed insurance agent after all, so she should know! 😂

Why won’t I hear [c’mon, you know you know]? Because my Cablevision is out after last night’s pretty wild storm.

The rain went from not needing to close the windows because the rain was coming straight down to Holy Cow its raining sideways and upside down. Brutal.

Not sure what time the cable went out. Thankfully the Carraway has its own internet so I’m logged in as a resident to their service.

The sky is crystal blue this morning. The storm has left. The temps are in the 60s so yes, all my windows are wide open. Aaah. Fresh air.

Hope everyone fared okay during the storm. Lots of Instagram users in CT showing clips of the flooding. Bedford Central School District is running a two hour delay while road debris gets cleaned up.

Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “The Good News Is….

  1. That’s Andromeda Somebody. Those Medicare ads are as close to being a scam as there is. Jimmy JJ Walker does an ad too. If you read the fine print on the screen it clearly says Medicare Advantage is not related to Medicare. Who is paying for your extra $140? Joe Namath’s version is cringeworthy.

    1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. That’s Andromeda DeBerry to be precise. You too much watch old people’s tv channels!

      I figure doing one of those ads must be very lucrative to the aged out actor. Tom Selleck’s ad for reverse mortgage runs non stop but he’s probably smiling all the way to the bank.

    1. How did you recognize Suzanne Pleshette?! She was sure a dish back then, but her greatest role ever was in the last episode of Newhart. Genius finale.

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