And Here I had my emergency bag all packed but….

I didn’t hear a thing. Oblivo. Totally.

I was even awake a good portion of the night, restless, wondering if the house sprung any leaks but then figuring, hey, as good a time as any for the house to have a water problem. The place is almost all ripped apart.

I do wonder though why I didn’t hear the alarm?? Shouldn’t everyone?

As an aside to the Fire Alarms going off, I note in this letter they’ve hired a new service called WatchGuard. The present third party answering service is abysmal and I told management if they were paying good money for the current service, they were getting ripped off. Good to see they are looking to improve. ✅✅

6 thoughts on “And Here I had my emergency bag all packed but….

  1. My takeaway is no management lives on site. Nor the maintenance manager. That wouldn’t sit well with me.

  2. Interesting, how long has Toll Brothers been in the apartment business (I’ll look it up later)?
    Yeah, I’d have a bug out bag ready and maybe practice a few fire drills yourself.

    1. Agree that you’d think Toll Brothers would have this down to a science. I guess each market they build in brings different providers of service, good employees that are harder and harder to find, etc.
      I know how many steps it is from my apartment to the garage if I have to walk in the smoke. But as Anonymous said to begin with, why didn’t I hear the alarm?

      1. Yeah, based on all the cable connection issues you have, I’d say you’re not connected so that when one unit burns everyone alarm is set off.
        Time to experiment with some kitchen fire (if you don’t have sprinklers).

        1. I’ll definitely follow up with management about me not hearing the alarm but given that in a normal day with a nothing problem I can’t get them to respond, this weekend, holiday and all, fat chance. I’ll wait til next week and hope I’m still alive to report back!!

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