Who me, Bothered by The Sounds of Rain Drops?

Yes. Yes indeedi-do.

See this downspout? Hold that thought.

It’s raining in West Harrison but the temps are at least pleasant, nice enough to throw open all the windows and let fresh air into the apartment, that to my nose often feels stale from the constant running of the AC.

The rain is coming straight down so not getting the window sills wet. All good.

I’ve retreated for the evening to the little reading nook I created in the bedroom but I can’t concentrate on one word of the book because all I hear is the rain captured in the downspout. It’s like a kettle drum to my overly sensitive ears.

To 99.9% of the universe, this pitter-patter would be background white noise.

But I inherited my mother’s bat hearing. I can hear the tv on the lowest volume setting and prefer it that way. I once had to get a Barbados villa concierge to unplug the electronic bug things that were in the house. No one else in the family heard the high pitch noise, probably because it was set outside the human range, but it went right through me. Almost painfully so.

One of my children is (to me) a loud talker and I’ve on occasion have to gently suggest he lower his voice. That’s never met with much glee.

Of my children, two inherited my bat hearing. The others have their father’s can you turn the tv up please ears. 👵🏻👴🏼👂🏻👂🏻

Not to worry. I’ll live.

7 thoughts on “Who me, Bothered by The Sounds of Rain Drops?

  1. Most guys are professional at hard of hearing. I’m one. My wife is always telling me I never hear what she’s saying. 🤪

  2. I’m getting remains of Ida here in New Jersey. My phone just screeched with an emergency alert for flooding and torrential downpours. My gutters are spewing water like a geyser.

    1. Wow. Stay high and dry.

      I see lots of red in the radar coming my way soon. I opted out of emergency alerts. They scare my every time!!

  3. It’s rockin’ and rollin’ out my door. All of Westchester and parts of Fairfield are under tornado watch. Lots of lightning ⚡️. You closed your windows yet?

    1. Lighting is awesome tonight here in West Harrison too. I have a clear unobstructed birds eye view of it all too. Above the tree line.
      Yes. I closed the windows. Not because the rain was coming in but I knew I couldn’t fall asleep with them open sure the wind direction would change and I’d wake with wet floors.

  4. I hear you. The sound that galvanized sheet metal makes during a rain is just not natural – now, if those downspouts were your very own the sound might be more bearable.

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