Probably the most important Biden Story you’ll never hear about

REUTERS/Ken Cedeno/Jonathan Ernst


A July 23rd phone conversation between Biden and Ghani.

A Reuters report headline yesterday. Excerpts below are from Reuters from linked story.
Exclusive: Before Afghan collapse, Biden pressed Ghani to ‘change perception’

Reuters reviewed a transcript of the presidential phone call and has listened to the audio to authenticate the conversation. The materials were provided on condition of anonymity by a source who was not authorized to distribute it.

In the call, Biden offered aid if Ghani could publicly project he had a plan to control the spiraling situation in Afghanistan. “We will continue to provide close air support, if we know what the plan is,” Biden said. Days before the call, the U.S. carried out air strikes to support Afghan security forces, a move the Taliban said was in violation of the Doha peace agreement.

The money quote, emphasis mine.

In much of the call, Biden focused on what he called the Afghan government’s “perception” problem. “I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban,” Biden said. “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

And in true Biden fashion, proving yet again he doesn’t know the first thing about foreign policy, this:

The American leader’s words indicated he didn’t anticipate the massive insurrection and collapse to come 23 days later. “We are going to continue to fight hard, diplomatically, politically, economically, to make sure your government not only survives, but is sustained and grows,” said Biden.

Everything about this conversation reeks of Biden’s failure. And how ironic Reuters uses the true meaning of the word insurrection for the collapse of Afghanistan versus the Dem media hyped version of the word related to January 6.

It’s wonderful that Reuters printed excerpts from the transcript of the phone call. Read it here.

Has anyone else heard about this conversation? Hsa it been reported elsewhere? Not that I’m aware. I think it’s one of the biggest and most important aspects of the Afghanistan withdrawal that Biden calls a huge success.

Your results may vary. Mine did!

14 thoughts on “Probably the most important Biden Story you’ll never hear about

  1. I canceled a subscription I had to a newspaper I wasn’t reading very much over the use of ‘insurrection’ for January 6th. I told the chatbot agent who took the cancellation this was the reason. Highly unlikely it will get passed on, but it felt good to do it.

      1. Putting aside for a moment our mutual nausea, the issue is that liberals are simply not seeing the entire fact-pattern. They are educated, some not, and pride themselves on reading NYT, listening to NPR, watching PBS and the big 3 plus CNN. The result? They simply have no clue about whatever it is that these D party mouthpieces fail to report. As to the insurrection, the missing piece of the puzzle is the charge of treason/insurrection. Justice hasn’t charged anyone with this. If you can’t make a charge of it, then it is not an insurrection. You can bet this idea has never been mentioned in liberal media. Consequently you’ll be met with stares if you raise it. There are endless examples of this. The southern border being one – no one is aware of it and how that is causing covid to spread while border restrictions keep legal visitors away – and the Provincetown gay pride weekend in July that caused the CDC to reintroduce mask mandates. I told someone about that – someone gay – without mentioning where it was and of course he jumped in to say it was anti-vaxxers. The opposite was true: it was obese gay men who were all vaccinated and partying for the weekend in extremely close quarters. A totally inappropriate sample to draw from for the general population (but a great proof that the vaccine saves lives – no one died and only 4 hospitalized). The scary part is that this person is very well educated, supposedly well-informed and with a job that requires a lot of reading and critical thinking skills. And he had no clue about the basis for the reintroduced CDC mask mandate – the CDC that liberals love to love. I might as well have been speaking with someone from China for the censorship and propaganda foisted upon liberals. And it’s not like we who don’t drink the kool-aid are the mirror image: we can’t escape the liberal headlines via google, facebook and so on. It is everywhere and we are smothered with it. At some point this will change as more and more victims of censorship decide they won’t take it anymore.

    1. I woke from a nap (yikes, I fell found asleep in my chair at 2pm!!! 👵🏻👵🏻) to see Martha McCallum on Fox talking about the phone conversation. Unfortunately, Chris Wallace is in with her playing the role of Biden defender. But at least it’s being talked about.
      *Just seeing why Chris Wallace is on. He wrote a new book about 9-11** ugh.

      GREAT GREAT GREAT note for Florida diner customers. 💯💯

    1. Yes it is. I’m glad that sources are finally leaking what really transpired in Kabul.
      I know most people understand that impeaching Biden means worse, Harris, (wherever she’s hiding!) and that there’s no way a single Dem would vote to impeach Biden, but something so rotten about this administration and their lies, heads should roll.

      1. They keep telling her to lay low and keep her mouth shut: “That’s how I got here, just ask Willy, but I didn’t always keep my mouth closed. ; )”

  2. These a-holes will never stop trying to gaslight the people into thinking they did a great job. Oh yeah, and everything good was us and everything bad was Trump.
    F’n clowns.
    I hope this guy Ghani doesn’t get to spend a nickel (that he stole) before he meets his “next opportunity.”
    Wouldn’t be surprised if the spooks come after their money and he has an accident.

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    1. That’s a point well taken and not one I considered. Especially important given my reluctance to wire the house for Cablevision when the renovation is done. Thanks.

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