If the train leaves Grand Central at 8:44……

What time will it arrive?

Waiting for family to hop off train. 9:20 is the answer. I’m already here, yes I’m one of THOSE women who is perpetually and annoyingly early for everything. The one who wants to be at the airport hours before the flight leaves and usually the first one on the train out of GCT.

In my defense this morning, I haven’t been to the White Plains train station in years and I wasn’t sure if how I remembered getting here was still the way to get here. LSS, yes it was and now I have a half hour to twiddle my thumbs. 🙄

Busy with family today. At apartment and a quick hop up to Bedford. Have a good Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “If the train leaves Grand Central at 8:44……

  1. I like being early too. Mostly I think because the idea of being even a tiny bit late causes me too much stress & anxiety.

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