The Media Says the War Is Over. Is it?

The US military may be out of Afghanistan but now what?

Americans left behind, maybe many by choice if they are dual nationals. Afghan Interpreters left behind, again maybe they’ve chosen to stay, but many more not able to get through check points because the Taliban need the interpreters so they are targeted to stay. Vulnerable population.

Video I don’t chose to post here of a US helicopter being flown by the Taliban, with a human being hanging below. Horrible.

I guess my biggest concern is that without any allied presence, the Taliban has the ability now to grow at will. And if the ISIS K is legit, will they blossom and become a threat to us?

Brian Kilmeade’s take is pretty common but Jennifer Griffith, also from Fox, whose reporting is exemplary, says now is not the time to point fingers.

I report. You decide. Thoughts on the end of the war?

11 thoughts on “The Media Says the War Is Over. Is it?

  1. If Joe thinks this is his Mission Accomplished moment getting the last US military out of Afghanistan I have two words for him: Al Qaeda.
    They were all over Bagram Air Base ( biggest military mistake of all time closing the base) we created the biggest military shopping center if HumVees and guns. Disaster of epic proportions. Kilmeade is right. People must resign.

  2. We went from getting traitor Bowe Bergdahl out of the war zone to leaving behind an undisclosed number. Joe said “no American will be left behind”. Liar.

  3. Perhaps now is the time we can carpet bomb the military bases and materials left behind. Destroy the electrical utilities, the water utilities, the internet capabilities, destroy their communication systems. Put them back into the 15th century. Let’s exercise our long range Missile capabilities. Let’s see how good we are at launching missiles out of submarines. Launch our missiles out of underground silos. We’ve had 20 years to map the country. We should know every nook and cranny. Let hell, fire and damnation rein upon them. I’m thinking forty days and forty nights. That should qualify to be a “proportional response”.

    1. Brilliant idea. All the better if the bases are occupied by Taliban at the time of the missiles arriving. The missiles can arrive a bit early, like EOS at the train station, to take advantage of the element of surprise.

  4. The best time to leave Afghanistan was 15 years ago. The next best time is now. It will take 20 years to rebuild our exhausted and demoralized military after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, same amount of time it took after Vietnam. This and the financial cost of these misadventures will haunt this country for years.

    Both our civilian and military leaders screwed up the exit. Plans (was there a plan?) were so amateurish. It doesn’t take a military genius to figure out that Bagram Air Base was defensible and should have been used for the evacuation, and that you didn’t want to leave our weaponry to equip the Taliban (or any group not named American puppet government) after we left, which was clear years ago.

    1. Biden released a statement this evening that he had the unanimous support of his military leaders for the “plan”. It says either they’re incompetent that leaving Bagram as a candy store was thought of as a good idea or they’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement not to go against Biden. I watched The Five and they wondered where all the anonymous sources went to that were eager to dump in Trump. They suddenly dried up that no one is allowed to criticize Biden?

      1. As ex-military, the thing you have to understand about the military, is that it is beaten into the head of all officers that the civilians are in charge, probably to prevent military coups. Couple this with the fact of some (many?) of the people who make it to the top are total political animals who will say and do anything they think will advance their careers, which lacking proper perspective, are overly important to them.

        For example, General Petraeus married the daughter of the West Point superintendent while he was there, who was a 3 star, later 4 star, general. Do you think his career got a serious jump start and advantages to those not married to a general officer’s daughter? Hint: Yes! There is a certain type that is attracted to these young women.

        I’ve read that the military wanted Bagram but were overruled by the State Department that it wasn’t an option because the Taliban negotiators didn’t want that. So they cave to their clueless political masters. Very depressing.

        To un-depress myself, I’m reading the new book Winning by Tim Grover. I bought the hard copy so I can keep re-reading it as necessary. Myself, I’ve already won by doing many of the things he talks about from his experience in training pro athletes, but it is so inspirational.

  5. I agree with Ex-Greenwich, but it is too smart & practical for this bunch of losers currently occupying the Oval Office. I too am thoroughly depressed by the current situation and have been since the election steal in November & it just keeps getting worse!

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