Al Roker Devastated…..



Ida: At least 1 dead, more than a million customers without power in Louisiana

Dire predictions. Weather Channel in near orgasmic frenzy that Ida may devastate the coast of Louisiana. Of course Al Roker had to be there to witness the devastation.

Then uh oh. Ida downgraded to tropical storm. Lots of rain. Power outages. Yes, some damage. I watched a few minutes of the Weather Channel this morning and they had footage of a hospital losing part of its roof!!! Awful you say? Well it would have been had the roof been blown off. But it was the tar roofing material that blew off. Not the actual roof. Just the materials. It was doubly painful to listen to the Weather Channel anchor say No one was hurt. You know they and Al Roker want the storms to be awful or else they wouldn’t be there. It’s like driving by a bad car accident and slowing down to see if there are dead bodies.

Al Roker’s last Instagram post was about the power going out in their hotel. Wow. That is breaking news. Power goes out in storm. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Otherwise a dull Monday in my neck of the woods. I’m waiting on Carraway maintenance to help me with a dishwasher problem. I’ve got to follow up with Cablevision and get to Bedford at some point to hand off a lockbox I bought for the builder to use.

Meanwhile, back to my coffee. Have a great Monday.

3 thoughts on “Al Roker Devastated…..

  1. You really have to wonder why this administration seems to be pulling for the Taliban and the media is hoping climate change will ruin coastlines and bring havoc and destruction.

    1. Climate change, along with racism, is the best tool the Chinese Communist Party has. It allows the West to neuter ourselves and keeps us distracted from China opening a new coal fired power plant each week which wipes out the emissions decreases happening in the West (including America where emissions declined during Trump, of all Presidents). And the Taliban and China love each other with China proudly rushing to be the first state to congratulated them on their return to power. What is breathtaking is that China embracing a government that is going to stone gays to death – and not a peep from the American MSM or most Western MSM.

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