Fruits of My Labor

We had a full house in West Harrison yesterday, cousins in town from Boston and a couple of the kids here too. About 10 in all.

Always hard to know what to buy for everyone to snack on, I opted for fruit. Lots and lots of it.

Green and red grapes. Clementines. White peaches. Bananas. Grapefruit (for me more so than guests). Allllllll gone. Devoured. Every last grape. Every last clementine. Every banana. Every peach. Gone.

Someone brought cookies. Two bags of Pepperidge Farm, one 🎃 flavored. No. Just no. I detest seasonal pumpkin flavored drinks and foods. Give me a traditional pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Otherwise, no pumpkin lattes. No pumpkin cookies. No pumpkin beer.

We hung out downstairs mostly and outside, the public space here a lifesaver for entertaining. Good time had by all. Today is feet up kind of day. Making list for the week.

Still trying to take a vacation but finding a stretch of a week where there’s nothing on the calendar is proving difficult. Wherever it is, we’ll drive. With the world situation, flying doesn’t feel right now.

Biden made it to Dover from Rehoboth today to salute the caskets as the fallen heroes came home. I wonder if he’s still blaming Trump. Probably. Very sad day for America. For our military. For the families who have to endure this heartache.

This 2017 speech by Trump proves, yet again, Trump was right. And that’s why he was hated. Because he was right.

9 thoughts on “Fruits of My Labor

    1. Haha. I can see how you’d think that given the wording of the post. There was other food and beverages, compliments of Wegman’s.

    1. WordPress threw this comment into spam because it said Spam!! 😂
      I can happily report I’ve never eaten Spam, the regular flavor or the pumpkin!!

  1. So glad you had a great time with your guests!
    I’ll just say, I think pumpkins are about the happiest looking things God ever created. Seeing one just makes me smile. But pumpkin flavored anything? NO. NO. NO. And WHY?
    Oh, and Biden is a swirling turd.

    1. True about pumpkins. I especially love they come in so may shapes. From Bert to Ernie shapes to those perfectly round ones.
      I second your “Biden is a swirling turd” comment! ✅

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