A Ten!

A total house junkie, and a Sybil one at that, I tripped across this photo yesterday and said yes, this is me.

I don’t know where this house is or whose photo it is even but damn, to my eye utter perfection.

The color yellow. ✅

The huge porch ✅

The multiple chimneys ✅

The simplicity of the house lines ✅

Yes yes and yes. I think this is Greek Revival architecture but correct me if I’m wrong.

Yellow is a very difficult house color to get right. I’m not a fan of historic yellows that are gold or ochre in tone. Not a fan of eye-popping bright yellow either. A yellow too pale can look washed out. This yellow looks just right to me, balanced with the white trim and black shutters, a home run.

I could live in a very modern house. I could live in a Craftsman. I’ve lived in a 1930s era home with high ceilings that was divine. The house undergoing renovation started out life as a 1940s bungalow but bears little zero resemblance to those roots now. I don’t see myself choosing to live in a log cabin or an Santa Fe style adobe home, although I can appreciate the beauty of those styles.

But no matter how many times I see a house like this photo, I’m there.

I’m sure there’s a home-personality test that equates what style home each of us prefers to a trait in our personality.

Who are you?

14 thoughts on “A Ten!

  1. I love my little house on a tidal inlet. But if I’m honest, when I see contemporary houses that look like they are up in the trees, that appeals. I love the clean lines and simple, uncluttered interiors. Probably because I grew up in a colonial with a ton of clutter!

    1. I grew up in a mid-century modern house designed by my father. I lived in a sea of Knoll furniture that I’d kill to own today. The house was hated by neighbors. Wilmington was nothing but colonials so when dad built our house, people were aghast. It was torn down about a decade ago by a builder who erected an ugly faux colonial. Thankfully my father had already died when the house was demolished. My mother was sad tho as it was such an iconic design. Clutter didn’t exist with my mother to the extent she’d often try and straighten or toss the pile of newspapers and magazines my dad had in his den. Dad told her nicely that was his man cave.

      For me too, a little house is cozy and comfy (she says as she hates living in a 700sf apartment and is making her bungalow 1300sf BIGGER! 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄)

        1. Yes, I’d forgotten that bit if Susie trivia!! At least you were there when it hadn’t devolved into the crime capital of the east coast. It’s a shit hole now. Being in downtown Wilmington is a scary venture, even just a block from the Hotel duPont. One of the last times I took my mother out to lunch it was to a new restaurant on Market Street. We were surrounded by homeless men as we got out of the car and returning to the car after lunch a man was peeing on the car tire. I can’t see ever going back.

  2. I’d date the yellow house to ca. 1845. Yellow is my favorite color and that house hits just the right tone. I’d bet it has splendid views, too.
    I grew up in a drafty Victorian house. Never liked it. Planned to live in a federal style when I grew up. And I did. An 1826 brick federal served us well for many years. Present house was a cape which we turned into a Greek revival. Simple lines, good proportions.

  3. I must be schizophrenic because I like lots of different house styles and can see the appeal of most. My only absolute requirement – lots of windows. Tons of natural light is a must have.
    And, like Susie, I grew up in a cluttered home and my home now is spartan by comparison. Every week I celebrate garbage day and throw things out like they’re giving out prizes for it.

    1. Two things: have you ever watched the British version of House Hunters called Escape to the Country? I get it on a channel called DABL. Couples wanting to leave the hustle and bustle of London or other large city for the country life. Many say their absolute requirement is lots of windows and natural light then fall in love with a thatched roof cottage built in 1645! 🤷🏻‍♀️
      I’m also a “throw it out” gal. Let’s just say the dumpster delivery company know where to drop off the dumpster. I am however forbidden from throwing out all the “good stuff” my children have stored in the barn attic.

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