Let’s Play Twenty Questions

1. Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Your turn.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Play Twenty Questions

  1. Hmmm, to me, everything these days looks like a puppy chew toy. But I’m going to guess some cooking implement. Maybe to cook eggs?

  2. Plastic brass knuckles for our new badass military? (the rings for something totally different).
    I’ll also guess spaghetti portion-ers.

    1. Yes!!!!! The circles are grips, each color a different strength. The others are to strengthen the fingers. The loops go around each finger and thumb and you open and close your hand to exercise the fingers.

      One of my fingers on my left hand has some arthritis in it making it hard to grip certain objects. I ordered these through Amazon. The finger exercisers are a bit awkward to use but will probably be what helps me stretch out the achy joints. I gave (packed away of course) an ancient hand grip strengthening tool my father used for golf. It’s spring operated. It really works well but now that it, with 99.9% of my other earthly belongings, are stored away, I had to find something else.

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