It Seems Cablevision Had One More up it’s sleeve……UPDATED!

A couple of days ago I logged into my Optimum account to see if a new bill had posted with a final updated reduced pricing as promised me.

Wellllll, much to my surprise, when I logged in with my primary ID, the screen told me I didn’t have access to paying the bill. Really? Plus the screen told me I had no email accounts. I have four! One personal. One for online ordering. Two for the blog.

Still able to send and receive email, despite the Optimum Home Screen telling me otherwise, I emailed my Optimum corporate liaison and asked what was up.

Here’s where it gets fun. She replied that I was given a new account number on August 17, voiding the old account and rendering useless my four Optimum IDs. Really? Why on earth would I be assigned a new account number? Out of the blue, a full week after I got all my tv channels working! Makes no sense.

I replied, in a huff, asking her who gave authority to give me a new account number. And why? Especially without my knowledge or permission, knowing it would void my Optimum IDs.

I didn’t hear back. But this morning first thing, an e-bill, for only $35. Account number is old one. I am able to log in with my existing primary ID and pay the bill.

I may not ever know what happened. But as long as I can keep my four IDs, the bill is the right amount, and I have my tv channels, life is good.

UPDATE: Not so fast Kimosabe….seems I have two active accounts, the new one I was assigned, and the old one, both accruing bills but the old one I’m still unable to access to pay. Incredible. How can it be this bad??? 

Another scorching hot day. The AC has been running nonstop.

Lots of reaction from the GOP last night after Biden’s humiliating speech. No criticism that I’ve seen from the Dems. Anyone heard from The Lincoln Project today or other swamp dwelling NeverTrump rats?


2 thoughts on “It Seems Cablevision Had One More up it’s sleeve……UPDATED!

    1. The last email I sent this morning to my liaison got an Out Of Office response so no solution until at least Monday, if at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Kamala getting The Havana Syndrome is the least of her problems. Cancelling the public speech in Pearl Harbor, cancelling her stop in California to stump for Newsom, me thinks the WH wants her back in DC. Hmmmm.

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