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  1. None of this is incompetence, or accidental, IMO. Deliberate. False flag to expedite the retreat. Why did the CIA director go meet with Taliban leader yesterday? Why wouldn’t that be State or a general on the ground? (Answer: because CIA can keep secrets that others are forced to reveal.) What did they discuss? What was the Taliban given or promised? How many “refugees” are going to come into Europe and the U.S.? Might not some of those be terrorists and deliberately let in? Why does a prominent member of the CCP own a huge ranch in Uvalde, TX? Why did we give Bagram to the Taliban and arm them to the teeth? Is this all coordinated? I think so. Are Biden and his cabal controlled and instructed by the CCP, and were they bought and paid for a long time ago? I think so. All part of the Great Reset, moving the U.S. off center stage. This, plus opening our southern border, are all deliberate acts by the Biden “administration”, green lighted by the intelligence community to demoralize the U.S. and advance the globalist agenda. Ascent of China, descent of U.S. I’d also like to see some proof to support the numbers of Americans they say they evacuated – I don’t believe them for one nanosecond.

    1. All excellent excellent points. If it’s deliberate then I think Biden is in the dark. He’s not mentally capable of such a complex and devious plan to undermine the country. Now Susan Rice and ValJar? Yes. And Obama from MVY writing the script.

      1. He’s certainly not calling the shots or masterminding, but I think he’s a willing pawn. I don’t think he’s in the dark – he is deeply and fully compromised – but that’s just speculation on my part, of course. He is certainly capable of lying – we’ve seen that repeatedly over many years, so I have no reason to believe he isn’t in on it to the extent his addled brain can handle it.

        1. That’s a tough call. I’m not sure. I agree he’s a liar. For him to be a willing pawn Dr. Jill would have to be fully compromised and complicit. She’s power hungry enough to pimp Joe to be president but she’d also have to be on board with masterminding the demise of the USA.

        2. I put nothing past these people. Nothing. There are no coincidences. It won’t be the end of America – people are seeing the truth. Will be bad for awhile, but then much, much better.

        3. Jill is in it for the cash and the flash. No one who has a doctoral degree in community college administration or whatever it is she is supposed to have studied and who promotes herself as a doctor during a pandemic has the brain matter needed to pine for world domination. That takes real smarts like a Hillary. No I think it’s a powersharing agreement with the Chief of Staff, Rice and the good Doctor.

    2. I think we’d be seeing tons of stories from evacuees if in fact 10k+ had been repatriated by now. Then again the liberal media (but I repeat myself) is just sweeping this entire episode under the rug so I suppose when there is a cone of silence in place.

      1. Morning Joe said the Afghanistan withdrawal will disappear from the news and will not be an issue come 2022. He knows the media is creating the cone of silence as we speak. His words, while sickening to me, are probably fairly accurate because the media will spin the deaths and explosions as not Biden’s fault.

        1. Of course they will assuming it’s even discussed this time next year at midterms. If the size of that memory hole contributed proportionately to global warming, we’d all be roasting in January.

        2. Nancy Pelosi is pretending today didn’t even happen. She’s busy tweeting about women’s rights.

  2. What does ‘complex attack’ mean? Is it an attack on a complex, i.e. a developed area of two or more buildings which are gated? Or was the attack itself complex, i.e. it involved multiple attackers and forms of weaponry. If the latter, the Pentagon’s Press Secretary has just handed a gigantic compliment to the Taliban and/or ISIS – as if the revolting behaviour of the past 30 days which caused this attack were not enough.

  3. Willy’s Girl has been dispatched to lay a wreath to commemorate the death of the suicide bomber (yes, poorly timed gallows humor, until it, or its equivalent actually happens, just watch).
    This may have been known, this may be a false flag, it may just have been an inevitability, any way you slice it, what it is is Hiden Joe Biden’s.
    From the top down our government, the military (supposedly led by the Commander in Chief) and the whole bureaucracy are not only rotten to the core but are actually working against the people they supposedly represent.
    We are living in tumultuous times.
    I ‘blame’ Trump. He did way more than strike a nerve, he took off layers of skin and exposed an ugly, festering, malignancy, that was not only not killed by sunlight, but has metastasized to the point where it’s gone on the attack.

    1. I’ve thought a lot lately about what Trump accomplished in his time in office. You hit the nail on the head that he exposed the very ugly and corrupt government we have. Top down. I lived my life totally ignorant of the “ugly festering malignancy” (so well said). I voted for McStain and Romney. I didn’t get my big girl panties until Trump came down the escalator.

    2. Madolf, your last paragraph is the best description of what is going on that I’ve ever seen.
      It’s chilling.

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