13 thoughts on “My President

  1. And mine. Just ordered a five pack of magnets that say “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.” Seems like a good time to slap those on the vehicle.

    1. Did you watch Biden’s press conference?? Incredible, as in clown shit show.
      His voice is weak. His whole demeanor is weak so when he said “we’re going to hunt you down” I’m sure the Taliban laughed out loud.

      1. I watched all of it. My God, time to call Allstate, we are not in good (any?) hands.
        I didn’t know Bo Biden, I’m sure he was as nice a guy as a Biden offspring could be, but when Biden tries to equate the murder of a dozen marines (because of his stupidity) with Bo’s death from cancer (which it sounded like he attributed to his time in Iraq) I want to throw the tv.
        The guy is weak, confused, and just plain stupid.
        What a nightmare!

        1. I turned 50 in April and I don’t claim to know it all but I know this
          When someone starts off with “ you know as well as I do” they are full of shit!
          That Biden is a SOB

        2. Yep. He’s an incompetent addled SOB.
          HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY FELLOW ARIES! We’re a stubborn lot but happy!

        3. Crying to deflect – such a pathetic strategy and one used by those caught in a lie. Very very very scary times for America with a crying imbecile at its helm. That cruise decision is looking smarter in hindsight.

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