Catchin’ Some Rays

I feel and look like Paleface, zero suntan and it’s almost September. My Vitamin D levels must be horrifically low!

The combination of emptying the house and moving to an apartment was a lot of the reason for not being outside but not being in RI was more of it. One of us had to be in RI and one of us had to be here. Guess how that worked out for me??

Anyway, despite the warning for temps close to 100° today, I’m in the apartment complex courtyard. Me. Myself. And I. Ghost town.

I’ve picked a chair facing the sun. Brought my iPad to read but it’s already warned me it’s overheating so I plan to gather some rays, stare into the sun, bake a bit and pretend I’m on the shores of some fancy resort. Aaah.

In morning news, I’ve learned the area around Kabul airport was attacked. Raise your hand if you’re surprised to hear that news. No, not you Anonymous Troll. Just the sane folk. The USA has lost her strength, her position in the world is severally diminished, but #NoMeanTweets.

But last night, something went awry with Instagram as no matter whose account you looked at, every single comment was Nah he tweakin.

I never found out what happened. I have no clue what the phrase meant or how it came to be. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Otherwise, Happy Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Catchin’ Some Rays

  1. One account of last nights Kabul attack reports four US Marines were killed. I can’t independently verify that. I pray it’s not true.

    1. I’m hearing two very different reports. Fox says US injuries. Others say US service men killed. Story is still unfolding.

        1. News has been made official. Biden has blood on his hands now. He needs to leave office.

  2. In light of events in Afghanistan, this is really of no importance, but Nah he tweakin’ has to do with skateboarder Tony Hawk, Rapper Lil’ Nas and his awful video in which he gives Satan a lap dance. In other words our pop “culture” continuing its rapid decline into, as you would say, the terlet.

    1. you can bet this is the story of the day for all to many Americans. Who may well be clueless as to events in Kabul.

      1. My cousin, whose son was a decorated Navy SEAL, is very tuned in to all that’s happening politically, had not heard what happened in Kabul. I texted her earlier and she did not know. If she didn’t know, you’re right to assume lots others don’t know.

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