Hit The Road Joe…

……and don’cha come back. No more, no more, no more, no more…

It’s hard to imagine our country is being “led” by this senile man who made the nation wait five hours for a speech about Afghanistan only to hear him congratulate Nancy Pelosi for steamrolling the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill through The House. Right, that’s more important than how we pull out of Afghanistan???

In the speech, when he EVENTUALLY got to the Afghanistan part, he said all the G7 leaders were on board. Wanna bet?

UK – The Times
“Britain races to rescue thousands from Kabul – Last evacuation flight this week after Biden insists on deadline” (The UK should probably stay after the deadline and tell the USA to go $%^& itself)

Canada – Globe and Mail
“Biden rejects G7 plea to extend withdrawal deadline”

Italy – Corriere della Sera
“The White House accepts the conditions of the Taliban but asks the Pentagon for an emergency plan. The president speaks after five hours of postponements and thanks the allies of the G7, who, however, did not have a say.”

France – Libération
“G7: Biden persists and hisses the end of operations in Afghanistan”

France – Le Monde
G7 leaders disagree on extended Kabul evacuations”

Germany – Die Welt
“The USA does not give in to the requests of Germany and other countries for the time being, the withdrawal period remains until August 31. But without the Americans, mass evacuations are no longer possible. Chancellor Merkel is now suggesting a different solution.”

Many of the G7 leaders say THEY had to contact the USA, it wasn’t Joe calling them. and THEY had to make plans to evacuate their citizens.

It’s a giant mess no matter what political spin you put on it. That we’re asking the Taliban to honor our wishes and asking the Taliban to pretty please with a cherry on top let people get to the airport is the perfect analogy to the woke Biden administration.

It won’t end well.

We had a great hamburger and weenie roast last night even though many of us watched the speech in horror. The little ones are delightfully oblivious to the fact that Joe is flushing the USA down the toilet so we put away our somber feelings and enjoyed the moment among family and old friends.

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Windows open. No big plan for the day other than to make more coffee!

Happy Hump Day!

8 thoughts on “Hit The Road Joe…

    1. Cried? I screamed obscenities into the tv screen. I’m
      Furious. Biden was “elected” singularly because the media hated trump and chose to become complicit in the biggest election fraud perpetrated on American citizens. The pussy Republicans are equally to blame here, accusing grannies waving flags on January 6th of being insurrectionists. The country is in deep turmoil.

  1. I can’t even define the emotion I’m feeling now. It’s completely new.
    Despair, maybe? Utter disbelief that this is really happening?
    I just don’t know.

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever watched a full “speech” from any POTUS before but I’m compelled to now because what we are witnessing (those of us paying attention) is historical and not in a good way.
    The situation the WH has put the country in right now is the exact malarkey we were promised under Trump: A complete void of strength, resolve, control, power, and whatever else you can think of when you think of American exceptionalism.
    This old fool and his klan of America haters are taking us down an ugly/destructive path that is going to require incredible leadership to bring US back out the other side.

      1. Exactly. The mediots are not only complicit, but filling the void left by these incompetent idiots.

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