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After tons of conversation back and forth, after weighing the pros and cons, after debating the dangers of the world going forward, we wrote our travel agent and opted to cancel our January 2023 World Voyage aboard the gorgeous Queen Mary 2.

It wasn’t an easy decision. We were booked for a January 2021 voyage that would have taken us from New York to Hong Kong after 60 some days on board, but we worried about Hong Kong and what being there would mean, but the pandemic removed any worry we had because Cunard cancelled all voyages.

We didn’t like the 2022 QM2 world itinerary and saw an opening for the 2023 voyage and jumped on it. Elated. We got the exact cabin we wanted. Queens Grill suite. Midship. Deck 10, as Cunard insiders know is the only deck on the ship with no public space, thus very quiet. We were high enough on the Cunard loyalty ladder to get free drinks and free gratuities thrown in and for a 117 days on board, those freebies add up to a lot of money.

I’m deeply conflicted. I know cancelling is the right thing but this length of voyage was something we worked a long time to achieve. Our previous voyages we were nothing but jubilant before leaving. This one, despite being so far off yet, had us more hesitant than happy. We took that as a sign.

Part of our thinking process was what’s happening in Australia now. Look how much of the voyage is around Australia. If they shoot rescue dogs, how would they treat a horde of us foreigners disembarking at several of their country’s ports? South Africa is having political problems. Part of the journey was through areas that might sooner than later be held by China.

What’s odd is I am NOT a worrier by nature. I am 100% a fatalist. If it’s my time, it’s my time. We’ve traveled all over the world, in third world countries, in planes we thought might not get us off the ground, and we always made it home.

The ship QM2 is strong and run incredibly well. We’ve seen the armed British Navy protect the ship from pirates. We know the ship would do everything to keep us safe, but is the world capable of keeping us safe? I don’t know.


32 thoughts on “Available Now: Two in the Front Row!

  1. Admittedly I’m a worrier.
    BUT, I think you did the right thing. Always, always listen to your gut and it sounds like yours was screaming at you.

    1. What’s odd is Mr. EOS is a worrier by nature. He thinks of things to worry about that aren’t ever on my radar. He was less worried than I about this voyage. In his mind he said “it’s 400 days away” but when we starting talking seriously about the pros and cons, the cons won out.

  2. Given so much world uncertainty I don’t think you had a whole lot of choice. You’ll have time to enjoy your brand new old house while it’s still brand new while leaving some $ in the bank. I’m sorry you had to cancel the cruise.

    1. Yes that’s true. The finished house will be a nice silver medal prize. We knew from the get go the voyage was a chunk of change and we are both of the mind that you can’t take it with you. That said, it’s an unknown yet if we get our deposit back. Could be money thrown ashore.

  3. This post is a timestamp for political stability in the world having turned on a dime. It is coming apart at the seams. Your decision is a reflection of that and it will have some historical value as we look back a decade or so from now. Hopefully sanity will have been restored and the West will have resumed its longstanding interest in and defense of logic, inquiry and rational thought.

    1. A decade from now I’ll likely be like sand running through an hourglass, my children saying those were the days of her life.

    1. True enough but I’m still sad. It truly was to be a trip of a lifetime. We have met such extraordinary fellow travelers in these junkets. Far better traveled than we and gosh, we’ve seen one heck of a lot of this world. It’s going to take awhile for the sting of not going to stop hurting.

        1. I like the way you think!! Gabbing with son about this. One he found was $138k but he added this “Cept they stopped making that v8 for 2022 so they are probably $60k over msrp now”

  4. That looks like it would have been fun/interesting in more normal times.
    If I saw that map, without any background info, and you asked me to guess what it was a year and a half from now, I’d have guessed UN peacekeeping mission.
    Saddest part to me is that by the time you exited the South China Sea you’d be looking forward to some ‘English’ time in Australia, only to come under attack by the insane Aussie government who then locks you all up in Tasmania.

    1. Oh dear. Oh dear. Thankfully the EOS blog is not a safe corner. After the photo of Hillary you posted in another blog (which I can now NOT unsee, thank you very much), I’m thinking Hillary and this gal probably share the same problem finding towels that fit her shape! Hillary’s shape aside, as the Daily Mail article asked, why is every inch of her body covered in the 100° heat walking on the beach?


        1. Yet, so many young people want to be the next big TikTok influencer. They can make big money. I notice many of the people I follow on Instagram (especially the chefs/home cooks, home improvement types) do posts sponsored by a product or they hawk a product they use giving their followers a discount code to buy. It must make enough money for the Instagrammers that more and more do it.

        2. I’m not on Insta, but I confess, I just watched a You Tube video hawking Bissell’s Big Green and bought it. (Puppy Hopkins isn’t a fan.)

        3. Great photo of Hopkins!!!!! He doesn’t look too pleased!
          I’ve seen the Big Green ads late nights during a sleep outage. I like that the spokesperson for the company is the daughter (or granddaughter?) of the founder. Plus a percentage of Bissell’s proceeds go to pet rescue. ✅💯

          My Instagram account is private and
          I’ve posted something only once but I follow over 2000 people. Mostly renovators & Foodies. Dog accounts. Humor accounts. No celebs. Not Biden or Harris. It’s fun.

      1. Bill always looks livelier & happier when not with the witch, & always looks like he’s attending the funeral for his best friend when he is with her. Wonder why?

        1. One of the great mysteries of life: why Bill and Hillary are still a couple. I’m sure for a long time it was that Hillary had far more “I did not have sex with that woman (fill in the name) dirt on Bill then later Bill stayed when he realized he’d be First Man. When that didn’t happen, I guess at this point they’ve been together so long, why quit now? Bill is a jovial and Erwin by nature. Hillary doesn’t seem to have any sense of humor. Odd Couple!

        2. I don’t think they live together most of the year. Or at least the last time I was reading about them they didn’t. I read that Bill spends most of his time in Little Rock in his penthouse above his library & she spends her time in Westchester. Maybe this summer vacation is one of the times they are both in the same place at the same time & if they do have a ‘separated’ marriage, then why indeed change?

        3. I’ve been to The Clinton Library in LR and was told about the penthouse. I was in LR for almost two days and it was a day and three quarters too long. Very depressed city. The library is stuck in the middle of nowhere but maybe that’s appealing to Bill. I imagine there are plenty bof marriages where the two live separately, especially when there’s enough money to have a couple of homes. Do they still own NYC digs and a house in DC? I don’t know.

    2. I was just looking online at some women’s sandals, & one of the reviews explains how the lady tripped, fell & broke her ankle in three places. Sad, but why is she blaming the shoes? & she was indeed blaming the shoes and advising people not to buy them. Personal responsibility has sadly left the building.

  5. Oh, forget the wagon. Too practical and not all that much fun. Hold out for a European sports car with a stick shift, lots of hp’s and in a nice red or yellow. You’d look much better in one of those than in a navy blue wagon.

    1. I have the best of both worlds. I get to keep my own new BMW X5 that I love and drive some fun sports cars because one of my children owns a boutique car company that helps (very wealthy) car enthusiasts/collectors find their next toy.

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