Weenies & S’Mores, EOS Style!!

Tonight. Family and friends gathering in Katonah. I’m ready!

Yes, I’ve been buying Ball Park Smoked White Turkey dogs as long as they’ve been available, easily 20+ years, although someone might fact check me. It’s the ONLY hot dog we all love, grandkids included.

Walter’s Dogs come in a very close second but theirs are only good when bought at one of their two locations, grilled to their standard. Home cooking a Walter’s Dog isn’t quite the same. Walter’s sells their brand of dog at Wegman’s but I defer to the Ball Park.

Yellow mustard only on grilled hot dogs. On TOP open only buns, also grilled. Ketchup and relish are for hamburgers. Dijon mustard is for a ham sammich. French’s Yellow for dogs. On board??

If that isn’t controversy enough, s’mores on Cinnamon Graham’s and Hershey bars with almonds! Yes. I said it. With almonds. I always feel like a nut.

The friggin’ sun is out. Who knew the sun still existed!! The sky is crystal blue. There’s a decent breeze. It’s warm but I’ve turned off the AC and have all the windows open. For now. Forecast is for three days of grueling heat. Oh joy.

Happy Tuesday.

22 thoughts on “Weenies & S’Mores, EOS Style!!

    1. No doubt. Over the years I’ve had a Costco card. I’ll use it a couple of times in a row then not again for months. The card expires. I might skip a year but get a new card. Shop once then not again the whole year. The last time we shopped there the place was a zoo, we had to circle the parking lot and when we left we thought maybe Costco isn’t for us. Most meats at Costco are great. I’ve had steaks from there. I’m still working on a zillion gallon tub of coconut oil. I’m good for a while.

  1. Where do you stand on Gulden’s mustard? And would you refuse Black Forest Ham on black bread with a schmear of honey mustard?

    1. You mean Gulden’s bright yellow mustard that’s a lookalike to French’s? That’s fine. I just default to French’s out if habit.
      I like honey mustard. Black Forest ham on black bread and honey mustard works for me. When I was pregnant I craved those weird round loaves of mystery dark bread you’d find in the deli case. Slathered in cream cheese.

      1. Gulden’s Spicy mustard is more brownish yellow. Not better than French’s but different. And cream cheese is always a good answer!

      1. Their Russian Black Bread is amazing. I’ve had this one before.

        “Westphalian Westphalian ham (smoked) with cream cheese or butter served on black bread.”

      2. Exactly like that. Back in the early 1980s, there was a cheese/sandwich shop (used to be Say Cheese, later the Bedford Gourmet) that was famous for the black bread, Brie, ham and honey mustard sandwich. It was a little sophisticated for my little kid tastebuds, but now, I think it’s a culinary home run!

    1. Agree! They are a wonderful mom and pop tradition that should be everywhere. They give back to the community in so many ways. Their Walter’s truck is all over the place for parties.

  2. 🙋‍♀️
    Nathan’s (the skinny ones). Gulden’s mustard and celery salt.
    And if you can’t grill them, 20 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Seriously.

      1. Celery salt is part of the amazing Chicago-style dog. For a while Shake Shack was doing a take on it (the “Shack-ago Dog”), but stopped using the sesame buns, and stopped selling them with the pandemic.

        1. I’m going to try this. I brought very few spices and things from the house to the apartment and celery salt wasn’t among them so next time I’m at the market I’ll grab some. Dumb question: you just sprinkle celery salt on the hot dog?

  3. I keep Hebrew National hot dogs in the freezer for those nights I don’t want to cook. Top sliced buns are right beside them. My absolute favorite hot dogs are Pearl’s. Especially the fat ones. Excellent to be to eaten unadorned, which I do.
    Mr.S likes something called hot dog relish. I think it’s a combo of mustard and relish but I’ve never tried it.
    A very long time ago I took a marketing class. The one thing I remember most was the competition by mustard companies for shelf space. To this day I cannot walk by the mustard section without noticing the number and kinds of mustards being sold. A quick look in my fridge finds a whole bunch of different mustards. Dry Coleman’s is with the spices.

    1. Hebrew National dogs are really superb. I agree. I don’t know Pearls. Is that a regional brand to you?

      My parents always had hot dog relish in the fridge. Their roots were Midwestern so maybe that’s why. I didn’t like it. My mom always put ketchup on her hot dogs.

      So true about the mustard shelf. Far lite than the ketchup shelf. Heinz seems to have a lock on ketchup.

  4. Celery salt.
    Just lightly sprinkle on the dog. A little goes a long way.
    Alternately, I usually put the celery salt on chopped tomato on the dog, but I thought that might be too scandalous to admit. It’s an abbreviated version of a Chicago dog.

    1. Chicago gets the dog right. There’s a weenie dive in Fairfield CT called Super Duper Weenie that has a version of the Chicago dog that’s incredible.
      Lettuce, tomato, mustard, celery salt, hot relish & pickle”

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