I found excellent celery but…

Rotten horrible garlic. After a long round of chores in Bedford, including a meeting at the house, I did a quick swing through Shoprite.

We’re big spinach eaters, like Popeye, and always sauté the spinach in mounds of sliced garlic. Sliced being the optimum word here rather than crushed. Maybe sliver is a more apt description of the garlic. It’s the Eyetalian in me I guess. Garlic was an integral part of my grandmother’s cooking. Same, but to a lesser degree, with my mother’s cooking. I use it all the time.

I have no basis for saying this but I swear the countries where garlic is heavily used in cooking have populations that live longer. There’s magic in garlic.

I found one head of garlic in this ugly pile that wasn’t rotten at the base and she’s home with me now, spinach too.

Shoprite is geared up for Halloween 🎃 already and I’ve been told both Lowe’s and HD are also in the Halloween spirit. I’m guessing Back To School isn’t a big seller anymore!

Spied this gorgeous Mercedes in the parking lot. Such sleek lines. Navy blue. Said AMG E63 S on the back. I’ve never owned a Mercedes for myself. I inherited my mothers 1977 450SL convertible that we used as a Sunday Go To Meetin’ car then sold. I had an Audi station wagon that I liked but traded it in for the first BMW X5 years upon years ago. This beauty would make me think about owning a Mercedes.

Got caught in a massive downpour on 684, so heavy everyone put their hazards on and a couple people pulled off the road. Zero visibility. Short lived as within a quarter mile the sky was blue.

Saw caravans of out of state power company trucks heading north. To Connecticut and beyond maybe? I haven’t heard who still is without power.

Came back to apartment noticing this. Leaks common in a garage?? 😬😬😬😬

I’m happy to report I missed hearing Cuomo’s departure speech but I read rumor he left behind his German shepherd for “others” to care for. It got me to wondering if Andrew has ever been on his own before or ever had to care for a dog without a staff to walk and feed him. I’m thinking not. Ciao Andrew. Fingers crossed Hochul isn’t half as vindictive.

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  1. Grew up a few houses away from Andrew, Chris and dad Mario in Holliswood, Queens. Never saw a dog. I’m guessing he owned it only for political reasons- like Clinton with Socks The Cat, until he left office and also gave it away.

  2. Huh. Good Cuomo family trivia. The article says he adopted the dog in 2018. I’m thinking he saw the relationship handwriting on the wall that Sandra Lee was going to boot him out of Mount Kisco and figured a dog was a babe magnet.

    The Clinton’s had a dog for a short time too. Killed on Route 117. Got run over by a car.

  3. Thanks for sharing more dumb shit! There was an old parishioner at St. Matthews that kept his 1968 Mercedes SEL in a heated garage and hardly drove it. When he died, the widow sold it to my dad for a song. Navy blue, maroon leather interior, walnut interior, Blaupunkt radio. By the time I turned 16, I inherited it. Of course, by then, it had been out in the elements for years (we converted our garage into a playroom years before) and was rusted from within. The radio didn’t work anymore and I had to keep one foot on the gas and brake at stop signs to prevent it from stalling. But that will always be my BEST. CAR. EVER.

  4. What happened to the car eventually??? Scrap heap? Sounds like a dream car for a teenager even without a working radio. At least it HAD brakes!!

  5. I had a fender bender, but it was so rusted from within, it wasn’t worth repairing at the time. Now, I’d give anything to have one like it! What a solid ride.

  6. I share your pain about fresh garlic, I’ve yet to find a store where the garlic is consistently great week in and week out. Some weeks the same store will will have bulbs (I particularly like the purple ones) with big, bulging, solid cloves and other times desiccated runts. For me it’s just the luck of the draw.

    Another thought: Chris Prosperi. owner-chef of Metro Bis in Simsbury and also a regular on the (now defunct) Faith Middleton show is a big proponent of the peeled cloves in jars. He conducted an informal test where a member of his kitchen staff made two batches of a pasta sauce, one using jarred cloves, the other regular. After no one could tell the difference he said he never looked back, that he’d always hated peeling garlic anyway.

    I’ve never tried it because my wife won’t let me buy it. Maybe it’s like buying already peeled hard boiled eggs: some people just can’t get past the idea of it no matter how great it may be.

  7. Glad I’m not alone. I watch Food Network and their anchors always cook using big glorious heads of garlic, probably California garlic tho, as there it’s so prevalent.
    You won’t believe this but after I rolled my eyes looking at the bin of lousy garlic, I SPIED BAGS OF PEELED GARLIC above the mushroom section!!!! I picked one up, looked, thought about it, and passed, for exactly the same reason as I don’t but the peeled hard boiled eggs. I could hear my grandmother saying No No No. I could seeing a caterer buying a bags/jars of peeled garlic and I’m sure plenty of restaurants buy them peeled but I couldn’t. Thanks for the info.

  8. Your talking about spinach and hard-boiled eggs has me thinking about a big spinach salad. It will have to wait until tomorrow because I don’t have mushrooms. I have a new ingredient for my spinach salad: candied jalapeños. Because you need something a little sweet in a perfect spinach salad. C’mon, Man, I love talking about dumb shit!

  9. Candied jalapeños? Where have I been that I didn’t know such a thing existed!
    I make big salads all the time but never with spinach. It’s the one base salad ingredient I don’t like. Odd because I adore spinach in my omelettes and cooked. Salad for me = Romaine. Yes. Bib. Yes. Iceberg. Yes.

    I’m thinking I need to change my blog tag line from “Life Through My Lens” to “talking dumb shit”! 😂😂

  10. Apparently, candied jalapeños didn’t go over well at local Kings grocery store. I only discovered them because they were in the 75% off aisle. And I enjoy trying things that are so unpopular that they become discontinued and basically given away. (Egg in a Cup was right to be nixed.) Now I order the jalapeños on Amazon (I’d be so thrilled if there was a conservative version of Amazon so I could dump Bezos) and if you don’t like spinach salad, they also are awesome with Brie.
    I like the tag line change!

  11. A contributor to a food site I frequent swears by jarred peeled garlic. She buys it at Costco and freezes a bunch of the cloves.Her rational is so called fresh garlic is usually imported from China and not so fresh by the time it gets here. Apparently the kind in the jar is US grown.
    I use a lot of garlic and buy it when I see it at farmers markets. For comparison purposes I’ll get the jarred kind when I next go to Costco.

  12. This is so fascinating. First I had no idea garlic might come from China!! China?! Insane. Secondly, ask me if I knew you could freeze garlic. I did not. Never occurred to me.
    My Costco card expired but I may look for some jarred peeled garlic at Wegman’s. What I looked at today was in bags, many peeled cloves were brown.
    Thanks for the comment.

  13. I’ve made several comments recently and included my usual screen name. Yet, they are showing up as from ‘Anonymous.’ The last was the one where I said I’d buy jarred garlic when I next go to Costco.

  14. An annual garlic festival in Saugerties. Who knew? Get out of the apartment for an unusual weekend jaunt, meet the farmers and stock up for the winter from the source? Take lots of photos. Would make a great article that I’d love to read.

    Their site links to a list of “local” growers many of whom sell their produce by email and over their websites. Varieties you’ve never heard of. Interesting to browse through for a garlic lover, and we are now in peak garlic harvesting season.


  15. I’m sorry Swanton. I don’t know how or why that happens. Maybe sign them Swanton at the end, like Old Timer often does. Then I can go into the Admin pages and edit out the anonymous and put in Swanton.

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