EOSRedux: Proudly Blogging About Dumb Shit Since 2008

I got a text early that the meeting at the house is postponed. Ground too saturated. Fine by me!! I’m still heading to Bedford but at a more leisurely pace. [Envision second cup of coffee here]

Overnight, our resident class act commenter thought he’d be insulting me by trying to post this:

Little does he know that it’s dumb shit that is the raison d’être of this blog.

Where else can you read about an ongoing Cablevision fiasco, or see endless pics of my peonies? Where else could you read about our road trips or learn that my blog got quoted in the NYT about the Pepcid Complete disappearance? Where else could you get recipes for whole red snapper or see videos from the RI gardener and fisherman? And heavens, where else could you learn about Vinny??

Not the NYT. Not the WSJ. Not GQ. Not even Instapundit!

Yes, blogging about dumb shit is what I do best. And yes, it is likely I’d have less to do everyday without blogging about dumb shit.

I guess the bigger question is why our resident curmudgeon bothers to stop by constantly if he’s morally opposed to dumb shit?

Happy Monday. Stay tuned for more dumb shit!!

15 thoughts on “EOSRedux: Proudly Blogging About Dumb Shit Since 2008

  1. And we all know who he is! It would be stunningly courageous for him to use his real name, but liberals like anonymity for obvious reasons.
    Good thing you’ve got a big bunch of us that like to read about dumb shit! It helps keep me sane in these crazy days. It keeps me optimistic to know that there are people like you and all your commentators and readers that share really enlightening and witty remarks. Keep HOPE spreading viral! It’s the only virus I believe in.

  2. Here.. I wrote a poem for Anon

    “Anon the dumb shit”
    A Poem by troll feeder

    Whose shot is that? I think I know.
    Its owner is quite angry though.
    He was cross like a dark potato.
    I watch him pace. I cry hello.

    He gives his shot a shake,
    And screams I’ve made a bad mistake.
    The only other sound’s the break,
    Of distant waves and birds awake.

    The shot is anon, troll and deep,
    But he has promises to keep,
    Tormented with nightmares he never sleeps.
    Revenge is a promise a man should keep.

    He rises from his cursed bed,
    With thoughts of violence in his head,
    A flash of rage and he sees red.
    Without a pause I turned and fled.

    (With thanks to the poet, Robert Frost, for the underlying structure.)

  3. The dumb shit is exactly why I read your blog. It’s full of information I didn’t know I needed to know such as measure the space where the new washer and dryer are supposed to fit.

  4. Every time I have to reach for a Pepcid AC I think, ” you’ve got EOSRedux to thank for this.”

    At least some one is watching the details and asking the right questions

  5. Let’s see……. every comedian ever, the MSM, The Daily Mail, the Swamp Creatures, I could go on forever listing those that have been enormously successful commenting on or saying dumb shit.
    Everyday it becomes more and more obvious that a certain sector of our society wants nothing said about anything. It’s a defensive mechanism to prevent you from eventually pointing out their stupid shit!

  6. Haiku to Anon
    By troll feeder

    anon dumb shit trolls
    clicks in the dark of the night
    pain in the touché

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