Vinny Redux


The bag has been there all morning. I went for a walk around the building early and it was there. I just came back from the mail room to retrieve a package and see it’s still there.

Who does this? I can maybe maybe maybe see placing a bag of trash outside your door if you have other things to go and are making a pile. That scenario does not seem to be taking place.

Oh well. Only ten more months on the lease!!

18 thoughts on “Vinny Redux

  1. Someone got confused and thought housekeeping would take care of it?
    Or, he/she/it was thinking “we pay enough around heeeer, somebody’ll take care of it.”
    Orrrrrrr, a real psycho knows everyone walking by will be like WTF and eventually one of yous’ll trow it away.

    1. Who knows. He & his wife have some strange ways. Maybe this apartment is a 🎵move on up to the east side 🎵 and in their old place trash left outside the food was considered proper. Their dog yaps at everyone and everything and they obviously don’t care or try and train the dog not to yap.
      99.999999% residents play by the rules. Are pleasant and considerate.
      Repeat after me: ten more months, max. Hopefully we’ll be out of here in nine months.

      Absolutely pouring now. Latent Henri?

      1. It seems that Vinny & his wife are incredibly lazy. Laziness, too lazy to walk to the trash chute, too lazy to return the carriage, too lazy to train their dog, explains a lot.

    1. Horrible. I can’t imagine. Australia has gone totally crazy. We made good Aussie friends on one long QM2 voyage. Sydneysiders. We email them from time to time, last time to learn that they moved to their other home is Tuscany. They couldn’t stand the restrictions and lockdowns.

  2. Tuscany makes me think of Peter Mayle. I was just out of college, living in DC and working at Sullivan and Cromwell. A fellow legal assistant called me and said, “Come with me to the Press Club tomorrow to hear Peter Mayle do a reading from his new novel”. I’d never heard of Peter Mayle, but I read that book and finished it before 5:00 the next day. We sat in the front row and within ten minutes I was smitten with Mayle and the idea of retreating to Tuscany. Good for your friends!

    1. Good analogy. When Mayle died I. 2018 I remember hearing his book A Year in Provence had a record number of sales. Must excellent book.
      These Aussie friends don’t let dust settle in their toes. Hubby owned a VERY successful mining concern in northern Australia so their travel and second home buying power was limitless. We’ve been invited to visit. Just haven’t found the right time. Gorgeous neck of the woods for sure!

  3. Peter Mayle’s Provence book is indeed wonderful. Mayle described the hell of the mistral quite delightfully. As I recall Alexandre Dumas in The Count of Monte Cristo also had some scathing words for Provence and its wind.

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