I’m going to regret this around 1am – **Good Monday Morning Update**

Good Monday, albeit rainy, morning. I managed to sleep nearly 12 hours straight, the only hiccup was a robocall at 9:15p from The Town of Mamaroneck advising me of bad weather. Considering I don’t live in Mamaroneck and I’ve given the Cablevision provided phone number to no one, not to mention a robocall after 9pm seemed late, it was a nuisance. I was worried that being awakened at 9:15 would undo getting back to sleep but by golly, I closed my eyes and the next thing I saw on the clock was 5:52! Yay me.

Coffee time then grab my list and outta here by 8. Looks like the rain is going to hang out with me most of the day.



I’m wiped out from being up since 2am, especially after such a melodramatic dream! I can can’t keep my eyes open right now so I’m donning my pjs and hopping under the covers.

Stupid move, I know. I’ve tried taking more walks. I can’t go outside because we actually finally got the Henri Rains. I had chicken soup for dinner and just have to get some sleep.

I’ve got a long day tomorrow in Bedford. Meeting the architect and builder. Some problem with water. Uh oh. That’s never good.

ANYWAY, this is a long way of saying I’m turning my phone off. Hang on to your comments and thoughts until tomorrow. I won’t be checking my phone to approve anything until then.


2 thoughts on “I’m going to regret this around 1am – **Good Monday Morning Update**

  1. Good night! 🤣 I predict you will have a nice long sleep. Murdering people with vintage dinnerwear takes a lot out of a girl.

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