Apple pie. Apple crisp. Applesauce. Apple juice.

Rhode Island isn’t getting much of Henri other than some wind. Very little rain. Short lived power outages. One this morning that lasted about two hours. Another one now. The bigger nuisance is all the surf lookie-loos. Cars of out-of-towners apparently seeing big waves for the first time evah!

Ye Olde Apple Tree didn’t like the wind and shed a bushel and peck of her fruit. Quick pick it up before the deer devour it.

The garden corn is bent over like an old lady. But I think she’ll survive.

Here, nada, zip. Some misty rain. That’s it. I can hear planes taking off from Westchester which says the surrounding weather is good enough to fly. Lots of businesses closed today. For naught, seemingly.

3 thoughts on “Apple pie. Apple crisp. Applesauce. Apple juice.

    1. The tree is ancient, goes back maybe two generations, has lost limbs to storms, but keeps on ticking. Hubby says this year has seen the best harvest by far. He doesn’t know why.

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