2024 Campaign Slogan!

I watched Columbo last night and not the Trump rally from Alabama but I hear the takeaway line was Everything woke turns to shit!! Truth bomb!!!

Memes r’a’popping all over this morning and this one is just hysterical. Look closely.

Mike Lindell waving his pillow. 😂

Meghan Rapinoe in a pussy hat giving the double finger. 😂😂

And Trump leaning over smiling. 💯

The crowd was incredible. Such enthusiasm to boot. I personally hope Trump does NOT run in 2024. I love the man but want him behind the curtain pulling strings and raising money. I think that’s where he’s best suited.

This line will go down in history as classic unadulterated off-the-cuff no teleprompter Trump who says what’s he’s thinking, unfiltered.

3 thoughts on “2024 Campaign Slogan!

  1. Trump would be fun to have around to bash the woke.
    But DeSantis might be the only one that can do it and the one the left is most afraid of given how hard they keep going after him. Which means they will stop at nothing to try and ruin him politically, and when that doesn’t work, personally.

    1. Agree! The left is already assured is DeSantis is Hitler. Did you hear about the woman who said she’d rather live under the rule of The Taliban than DeSantis?. 🤯

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