Photoshopped or Real?

This photo of the Taliban, dressed in American military uniforms, striking an Iwo Jima pose, is making the Internet rounds.

Fake? I think it must be but given the other photos I’ve seen of Taliban in USA military gear, the concept of this photo is not far fetched.

If it’s photoshopped I don’t want to pass it off as real and be part of the problem.

In any event, Biden must go. He’s disgraced the USA military who fought and died in Afghanistan. The stories abound of Americans fighting trying to get out of Kabul. Meanwhile Joe is probably lunching at Wilmington Country Club, contemplating a round of golf tomorrow.

Who me, worry?

Disgraceful. Shameful. Step down Joe. The worst president in the history of the USA. I mean that.

One glitch, if Joe steps down, I’m not sure Kamala’s on board with running the country after Joe ran it into the ground. She doesn’t look too pleased here.

13 thoughts on “Photoshopped or Real?

    1. Too too funny. I especially love how the “Pips” are animated and choreographed! Brilliant.
      I’m debating watching the Trump Save America rally on now or a season 10 Columbo that I’ve seen already.

        1. Gideon and I are very much enjoying our Columbo (spell check changes that a half dozen times) full series DVD. Watched two so far…

        2. I figured.
          Some hero compiled 5 hours+ of the Beavis & Butthead episodes from MTV, which takes my mind off things.

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