I’m No Martha Stewart!

No matter what tips people pass along to me, no matter whether I cook eggs for 12 minutes  or 10, no matter if I put them in ice water immediately or not, THE SHELLS ARE ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE!


27 thoughts on “I’m No Martha Stewart!

  1. Little-known fact: Eggs that are hard to peel usually come from liberal chickens who are stubborn and closed minded. I only buy Trump Poultry Products.

    If you’re making egg salad who cares what they look like!

    1. Trump Poultry Products are the best. None better.
      I did indeed make egg salad. With celery, and Miracle Whip!! Mmmmmm.

        1. I know. Miracle Whip is such a loser ingredient. Screams rube. Hick. Definitely not the sophisticated stuff like Dukes.

        2. Blue Plate, which only uses egg yolks and not whole eggs. I order it on Amazon Prime, last time it was $2.50 for the bottle, prices do vary. I only order in cooler weather.

          My mom used to use Miracle Whip and everyone loved her coleslaw made with it. Sometime in the 1970s, she switched to Hellmann’s Mayo. I think they changed the Miracle Whip formula during that time.

          Does anyone recall the debacle in the 1990s when Hellmann’s and Kraft switched to partially hydrogenated soybean oil and the mayo tasted stale? They both saw a slide in sales to regional brands and switched back to regular soybean oil within a few years.

  2. England’s Best sells peeled hardboiled eggs.
    I know this because I’m the laziest person on the face of the earth.

      1. I’m going to confess, Shellbelle is not the only lazy one buying the bag-o-eggs. Gideon won’t touch them because they have a slimy quality. But he also has a fool-proof mastery of egg-boiling that I lack. (Did I mention my mother used to cook chicken in a microwave? The egg didn’t fall far from the tree.)

  3. Wow, I just did this myself. Sometimes perfect. Sometimes I think I’m going all Joe Biden. We love eggs and my dog LIVED for my peeling screw ups (I swear he used to try to time a yipe of two just to get me to mess up) but ever since he passed last year peeling just makes me sad.
    Isn’t it ‘funny’ to think back to when the government told everyone how bad eggs are for them? I mean what family on a budget needs a cheap source of all that nutrition?

    1. Eggs have universal appeel!! 💯 Our Dawg however, was not a fan. I’d sometimes put scrambled egg in her meal and she’d eat all around it! Mr. EOS will only eat eggs if they’re in a cake. He, like Guy Fieri, hates eggs. Strange.

      Bummer about losing your dog. That’s a hurt that takes so long to get past. Was he old and had to be put down?

      1. He was 15 1/2 and developed a leaky heart valve. Doc said he’d go quietly in his sleep but that wasn’t his way. The guy lived like a king and was not happy about leaving his 2 bitches/servants.

        1. I’m sorry, too. We lost Perkins last year about that same age. I don’t know what your breed was, but we knew we were so blessed to have a lab live that long. There is just nothing like that sorrow when they leave us.

  4. Remove eggs from fridge and place in saucepan. Add water to cover eggs by an inch or so.
    Bring to rolling boil. Cover the pot. Turn off heat. Let sit for 10 minutes. Pour out water and run the eggs under cold water until cool enough to handle. Rap eggs on the faucet , edge of sink, countertop, whatever until shells crack. At that point you can run the egg under cold water to make getting between the egg white and the shell easier.
    I’ve read that fresh eggs are harder to peel but I’ve not had that problem.
    The 10 minute sit depends on how long the eggs were boiling. On my induction stove, it doesn’t take long to reach a boiling point so I turn the dial to very low to continue cooking the eggs. On a regular electric or gas stove, turn off the heat after the boil. Don’t let the eggs sit longer than 12 minutes. 11 is safer.
    Even with all that you may find an egg that refuses to be peeled properly.

    1. Thanks. I use your method of cooking. That’s a Martha or Ina method that’s tried and true. It’s still the peeling part I don’t have down.

      One problem I have is when I hard boil eggs I don’t peel them until I’m ready to use them. In this case, I boiled six last night, kept them in the fridge, in a bowl w/ a little water, until I peeled them for lunch today. Maybe I should peel them right after cooking?

      1. I leave uncracked hard boiled eggs in the fridge for days but not in water. Can shell them easily enough after a good, solid whack to crack the shell.
        Dumb question and I don’t think it matters but are your eggs white or brown? I buy only brown ones.

  5. Your eggs are too fresh to be peeled easily. You could try adding a little baking soda to the pot.

      1. I don’t know about Wegman’s, but most store-made egg salad is too homogenized for me, as though it has been machine whipped. I like to see/taste discernible chunks of the whites in egg salad.

  6. Using older eggs helps. Really fresh eggs are harder to peel. The pinprick at one end doesn’t seem to help much.

  7. I heard a chef whose restaurant used a lot of hard boiled eggs say that he “aged” his farm-
    fresh eggs destined to be hard boiled for one month in the fridge before using to save on labor and waste.

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