The Sting

The WASP RI hedge manager got stung by his own when he unearthed this gem deep inside the privet. Yikes! Not a good way to start the day.

But that’s nothing compared to the preparations for what might come knocking next week. Say Bonjour Henri.

The pattern of the storm seems to be heading a bit closer to Falmouth and MVY and may leave the RI digs in lots of rain but not big winds, but weather forecasting is as much a crapshoot as being a Democrat politician – make it up as you go along?

Henri should skip the CT shoreline completely but today is only Friday and the storm seems pretty wobbly. Still, if I had a boat in the water, I might pull her ashore, just to be safe. But that’s just me.

4 thoughts on “The Sting

    1. Yeh, I figured as much but had I said it was a hornets nest, it would have ruined the first sentence of this post. 😉

    1. Wobble is kinda a good sign that it’s losing strength. Northwest CT got slammed in the rain/thunder storm the other day. Tornado confirmed down. Espérons qu’Henri s’enfuit en mer.
      Mr. EOS chalked up the sting to being a tough outside guy. No big deal.

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