Is Anyone at The Helm of Our Sinking Country?

It’s a serious question.

Biden is back at home in Greenville Delaware, unable to cope with the demands of his job. His head in the sand. Double pudding cups!!

Kamala Harris leaves today for Singapore and Vietnam. To my knowledge, the Veep hasn’t made a public appearance in days. Has made no public comment about the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

You’d think, if Kamala has been advised that Biden is in some sort of emotional collapse, she’d cancel this bogus trip. What’s this trip for anyway? Last I checked Vietnam still has a COVID quarantine period and we have good diplomatic relationship with both Vietnam and Singapore. Perhaps her goal is to UNDO that?

Maybe Kamala WANTS to be away, as some sort of departure from her boss? I don’t know what departure she’d be able to justify, especially with regards to Afghanistan. She’s proudly 😵‍💫🙄 told reporters she was the last one out of the room when Biden crayoned his Afghanistan plan.

Does she see her own political ship sinking and just wants to be away? Probably.

But, back to the question at hand. If the President is incapable of decision making such that’s he’s gone in hiding again and the VP is half way across the world, who exactly is in charge were something to happen??

Nancy?????? God Help the USA.

Otherwise, I wish everyone a Happy Friday. Another sunless day and I’ve got no definitive plan for myself. You?

25 thoughts on “Is Anyone at The Helm of Our Sinking Country?

  1. The media is beginning to talk about Joe’s dementia. It got to the point even CNN and MSNBC are noticing.

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  2. The way I see it, our ONLY way out of this epic disaster is if Joe finally, completely loses it on camera and admits the election was stolen.
    Not an entirely far fetched notion. He’s combative by nature and astoundingly stupid and the dementia is exacerbating those qualities. I think he’s ready to blow and his handlers know it.
    God I miss Trump 😔

  3. Combative, and very defensive. He even pushes back at anchors who feed him softball questions. Example: in the Stephanopolous interview, George could have kept digging, demanding better answers, like every news anchor did to Trump but George backed away, let Biden get away with his lies.
    I hear Biden is making a statement today. Gee, a statement. How brave.
    Trump is holding a rally in Alabama tomorrow night. Not sure why Alabama. Anyone know? But I’m sure the attendance will be juuuuge.

  4. I think the same people are in charge that have been calling the shots ever since January 20th, a group of far left advisors who take advice from Barry on the Vineyard. I have heard that while they are surprised at the rapidity of the catastrophe, they do not expect any political fall out here in the US. I think they believe that since no one elected them anyway they are bullet proof.

  5. OT: From Reuters no less. I went to the source, read the whole article. It’s mostly a regurgitation of “worst event since the Civil War”, “four were killed” but snuck in between all that is the minor detail FBI tidbit that maybe QAnon and Trump weren’t orchestrating this peaceful protest.
    It should mean that everyone held in prison becket go. Should.

  6. Abby! Not only did I see that Reuters article I was planning on doing a post about it. Incredible. Thanks for doing my homework!

  7. Not only is Obama somewhere behind the curtains, there is a hell of a lot of Bernie stank all over this white house.

  8. I could absolutely see Symone Sanders bullying all the woke whiteys into doing whatever she wants without a single one of them standing up to her because they are spineless and terrified of being branded RACIST.
    Worked for Bernie, CNN, the Biden campaign and now Willy’s Girl (I think in that order).

  9. I don’t think Jimmy Carter ever hid during the Iran hostage crisis. He was on the phone up until the stroke of noon on January 20th, 1981. Biden can’t be bothered to even pretend. As the left says: UNITY!

  10. The clip of the statement Biden made today had Kamala standing dutifully behind Joe, her mask so big it almost covered her whole face. A plus.

  11. I think there are huge differences between Carter & Biden & having lived through Carter I thought he was the worst evah! (until Barry came along). Carter’s main problem was he was a micromanager – hands on everything (including that last totally useless phone convo). The government is way too big for that, & as a result everything ground to a halt. 1970s stagflation. Ugh. It was horrible. Biden on the other hand, is the opposite. There is no one there there. I truly believe he is in some stage of dementia. Which is really scary. There is no one accountable, there is no one worrying about his legacy – there is no break on these behind the scenes leftist loons, who care only for their agenda, & not a whit for actual human lives.

  12. I happened to see this and also the question from the NPR reporter where he apparently departed from his approved question and went after sleepy Joe, who went into stuttered confusion. That was the last question before his earpiece told him to GTFO. Kamala looked like she wished her mother would get her out of there.

  13. I’m sorry I missed it. Wasn’t Kamala supposed to leave today on her “groundbreaking” SE Asia tour? She must have been summoned to appear, to what end I don’t know if she looked like she didn’t want to be there.

  14. But didn’t I read even Susan Rice dissed Biden’s withdrawal?? I’m pretty sure I saw that. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  15. According to WABC radio’s Lidia Cerani (that might not be the correct spelling, but John Catsimatidis has made that station AWESOME, especially on the weekend), the reason the presser was delayed was because Kamala was refusing to go out on the stage with Joe. I didn’t watch the stupid thing, just listened on the Greg Kelly show, but I might have to Duck Duck Go the image of Kamala fuming in her mask. (That’s unhealthy, btw.)

  16. When Biden called upon the NPR reporter I thought here we go, another liberal softball question – to my amazement he actually held the Big Man’s feet to the fire – with predictable results. A ray of hope with the media, perhaps? Oldtimer

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